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Hallo, Hallo!!! Is that my cell or is it yours?

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 13 23:23:30 EST 2003 | jkhaiar

Hi Dave F As usual an interesting issue. Employees working in hazardous environments and critical tasks were the safety of the personnel and the jobs are at risk; they should not be allowed to use any communication or entertainment media. Such means

Solder Tip Shroud

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 25 02:52:25 EDT 2002 | jkhaiar

Hi There Good point from all contributers.Depending on the coast effect and production ability we used a heat resistant coating directly applied to the plastic base of the PCI connector in a very dense SMT PCB.we used a short pulse soldering by run

Coatings to prevent water ingress

Electronics Forum | Mon May 26 02:11:24 EDT 2003 | jkhaiar

Hi ramanandkini Is this an Ip 54 or Ip 56 Standard requirement? Can you clarify to which standard you want the protection? Regards

Coatings to prevent water ingress

Electronics Forum | Tue May 27 03:16:26 EDT 2003 | jkhaiar

Hi ramanandkini Here is the link for the document ip reference http://www.eiema.org.uk/assets/pdfs/IPCodes.pdf Hope it helps Regards


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