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ICT and specifying PCBA testing

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 18 12:35:15 EST 2011 | rway

As the article eludes to, you still need probe access to measure the pins with TestJet. One thing I wanted to add was the use of JTAG for use with Boundary Scan. Certain devices have JTAG capability, but not all JTAG devices are Boundary Scan compa

advice on selecting ATE/ICT

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 24 16:32:16 EDT 2007 | stepheniii

Have you looked at J-tag? I have the feeling that ICT use is shrinking and will continue to do so.

advice on selecting ATE/ICT

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 25 08:55:43 EDT 2007 | stepheniii

It's a test technology. It's quite different from either ICT or functional. It's also called boundary scan. The board has to be designed for it. You basically plug the J-tag tester into a port built into the board. It has it's own special niche b

85K grant. How best to use?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 03 09:23:48 EDT 2016 | designhaus

Thank you for the great feedback. We're definitely taking all of these into consideration. Currently, we're shooting for the following: - JTAG Testing setup - Rework station - A hot air rework station - A quality microscope/vision system Have

BGA opens

Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 14 16:35:48 EST 2007 | Austin

I have several boards built at various CM's. We have prototype builds with some JTAG failures on BGA's (1-3 failures with qty 3, 1500 pin BGA's). CM's always claim reflow profiles look good. X-ray does not show bridges and they claim it looks good, b

ICT and specifying PCBA testing

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 23 07:35:42 EDT 2010 | jooh

Since I'm new to the forum I probably ask previously answered questions (that I have not found) but I would be grateful if someone could clarify this for me. I'm in R&D at a company where we design low volume (1k-10k) fairly complex PCBAs for our pr

85K grant. How best to use?

Electronics Forum | Fri May 20 03:14:03 EDT 2016 | designhaus

Hello, We are about receive an 85.000 USD award grant towards purchasing manufacturing or testing equipment for our company. We are trying to figure out how to best use this grant. Here are short facts about us: We are a design house, so all our ma


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