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JUKI 2050/2060 comments? anyone?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 25 13:06:11 EST 2007 | james

I am looking for any comments as far as the JUKI 2050 or 2060 placement reliability? Does anyone have experience with these machines and could give me their input? Thanks

JUKI 2050/2060 comments? anyone?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 26 06:59:38 EST 2007 | james

Have you had any placement problems due to pickups being off?

JUKI KE-2050/60RL hard drive

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 04 12:00:07 EST 2020 | jandon

Has anyone successfully replaced JUKI KE-2050/60RL HDD with the SSD hard drive?

Anyone with experience with new Juki machines?

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 19 12:44:49 EDT 2005 | jdumont

Just wondering if anyone has any of the new/er Juki 2050, 2055, 2060 machines. They are saying they are very reliable and robust with the lowest cost of ownership? Any comments?

JUKI VS. Siemens ? Which to choose?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 26 14:26:16 EST 2007 | james

We are currenly looking at the JUKI 2050 and 2060 and the Siemens D1 and D2. Just looking for your input and if you have these machines, what are your comments? Thanks for any input.

Juki KE-2050 and SMT XXS

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 21 06:12:27 EDT 2021 | w550735819

contact me,I can help you? sales08@feedersupplier.com

JUKI 2050/2060 comments? anyone?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 26 17:19:49 EST 2007 | John S.

Not as long as the operators will make sure the part is centered to begin with. The machine can auto correct the pickup coordinate as it runs. John S.

X-Out Board

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 18 13:39:43 EDT 2013 | vpham

Please help, how do you skip x-out boards on a panel using Juki 2050 pnp machine?

JUKI 2050/2060 comments? anyone?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 25 13:49:57 EST 2007 | John S.

James, We have 3 750's that are 5-8 yrs old. Never any major issues. Juki's service and support are the best. We bought a 2060 1 year ago and have been pleased with it. We placed a 20 mil pitch QFP with a spec of +/- 0.003" to test the machine.

SMT equipment

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 19 10:24:10 EDT 2008 | jtownsend

I am looking to replace our current smt line of a Contact 3S. This has been our only machine and we have had it for about 6 years. We are looking for 100 plus feeder capacity and 10k plus placement rate with a diverse component range. I am considerin

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