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Juky 570L or Mark IVc

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 21 15:37:46 EST 2007 | afm

We have been looking for an old machine (budget issues), and we have foud Juki 570L and Quad IVc to be around same cost. I have found some comments on the forum for the Quad (good in general), but not too much for the Juki. Beside the expected issues

Juky 570L or Mark IVc

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 28 12:29:22 EST 2007 | gregp

Try serarching under Zevatech 570 instead. Or contact me for some alternatives (factory rebuilt machines available). Greg

Juky 570L or Mark IVc

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 28 16:15:17 EST 2007 | jmelson

One more concern is "consumables" like nozzles, chuck jaws, etc. On some machines these parts wear rapidly and need frequent replacement, or are very easily damaged and need replacement after even the most minor crashes like a dropped component layi

Zevatech Z Axis fault

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 23 08:08:38 EDT 2009 | ptxems

We have a couple of Zeva/Juki PM570L's. One machine has developed a fault with the z axis motor. It is continually 'buzzing', we have checked and there is 24VAC on it. Although even on the other machine there is AC voltage on the motor. We have sw

Transfering placement data from Juki 570 to 760 machine

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 11 11:00:48 EST 2010 | ptxems

We have recently upgraded our placement machine to a Juki KE760. We also have 2 Zevatech PM570L's. All our placement data is on individual floppy disks, they were generated using the 570 machines. Having put the disks into the 760 it does not recog

rating smt machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 05 07:38:52 EST 2007 | John Burris

I would concur with the above comments. We have used Juki/Zevatech from the 570L model on and run a full complement of 700 series machines. I have a 10 year old 730 machine that still cranks out product every day over two shifts without problems. Yo

PM-570L glue head

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 10 13:50:42 EST 2006 | Frank

Contact your local Juki distributor. But as a reseller of used equipment they may not be too willing to help out. And why would you want to add the expense and hassle of adding a glue head on a machine?

PM-570L glue head

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 14 02:06:17 EST 2006 | Frank

Have him talk with the local distributor http://www.sovtest.ru or talk directly with Juki Automation Systems AG in Switzerland http://www.jas-smt.com


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