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zevatech 730 help

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 04 11:07:21 EST 2006 | charls

hi pavel, If you are getting vibrate during fast mode, encoder or motor cable might be faulty. yes i faced the same problem in Juki KE2010 m/c. Try by replacing encoder & motor cable from Motor to driver unit. All the best

zevatech 730 help

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 08 08:37:24 EST 2006 | wbartley

Pavel First off I agree with Newton It sounds like the machine may not be level. Check all four feet while the machine is warming up none of them should be moving up or down. Chances are your right front or left rear foot is not at the right height.

zevatech 730 help

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 02 05:07:51 EST 2006 | pavel

We have bought an old zevatech 730 in Bosch auction (hello MikeZIG). There seems to be something wrong with the X axis servo, the machine is vibrating when the head is moving fast (in fact the machine is dancing, in the race with washing machine it w

juki comments

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 05 14:42:35 EST 2006 | gipos

I wonder if you have any experience with mating 760 to 730. What about suport for 700 series? You have 760 still running good.How many years they have to service machines after purchase. Is the 2060 significantly better than 760 regardless capacity?

Problem juki 730/740

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 21 15:35:22 EDT 2022 | zadir

good afternoon, please tell me, maybe someone has encountered a problem on the juki 730/740 machine.we have a 24 volt 10 amp power supply broken on it (it stopped turning on completely) we changed it, but now stanou can't find the zero point, he come

Looking for feeder for Juki 730 L pick and place?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 14 09:27:35 EST 2013 | jgarver1

Hello, Here is a link to our website that shows our current Juki feeder inventory: http://www.ibesmt.com/SearchInventory.aspx?keywords=juki&searching=All

Looking for feeder for Juki 730 L pick and place?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 14 01:35:35 EST 2013 | spectronic

Anyone guide me on where I may find feeders for a Juki 730 L machine.

Looking for feeder for Juki 730 L pick and place?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 17 01:41:45 EST 2013 | ericrr

Umm.... any particular size?

Looking for feeder for Juki 730 L pick and place?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 22 13:51:58 EST 2013 | smtequip

I have them new and used. Scott 310-713-2575 smtequip@gmail.com

Juki KE-730 Comapred to Zevatech FS-730

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 26 03:12:27 EDT 2017 | ausplex

Hi, We have a Juki KE-730, and was looking to buy a Zevatech KE-730 has a backup and for spares. We thought these machines would be identical, however when we looked at the circuit cards we noticed the image processing cards were quite different. I

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