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HELP! Need MCH file to CSM84V-III and CSM66-III

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 17 11:51:52 EDT 2010 | arek

Hi, I bought Philips CSM machines (CSM66-III and CSM84V-III). I need flopy disc with some files (MCH, VIS, FDR). I created MCH file but the machine send me an error message: BAD FORMAT DATA. Could anyone help me and send me correct files. Thanks

Juki pick and place ?

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 02 18:49:05 EDT 2008 | jlawson

Juki machines generally are great machines for reliablity and maintaining overall accuracy as they have full linear (mag-scales) encoders on XY axis and self calibration features. Laser centering has its pros and cons - mostly pros, but can have iss

Step by step instructions: How to import prn file and set-up fiducials on pcb (On a My Data My9 SMT machine)

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 02 10:45:02 EST 2019 | tech1

Exactly how are you exporting it? You need to export it in TPsys format followed by Export PCB only

Step by step instructions: How to import prn file and set-up fiducials on pcb (On a My Data My9 SMT machine)

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 31 11:19:32 EST 2018 | robertbronx

We have in our Co. an used My Data SMT (Version 2.5.4d) machine but we have a problem. After creating the file we import with a flash drive.We load and set the two fiducials and after everything is done we try to EXPORT the PCB file instead of being

Circuit cam and mydata

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 09 20:18:31 EDT 2020 | jlawson

Can not speak for CircuitCam is made by Aegis Software I veliveve sound like need to get understanding of how tool is supposed to work to extract-create centroid positions. Using Gerber Only is a pattern match and cacluate logic process - ie make pac

Mydata Pick and place

Electronics Forum | Wed May 09 12:07:52 EDT 2001 | caldon

My personal favorite is the Siemens F series and the UIC GSM platform. Both Siemens and UIC have awesome resources for csp, flipchip and baredie processing - Siemens= Dan Baldwin from GaTech; UIC = George Westby from UIC labs. My second choice would

Merging BoM and XY Data

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 19 11:31:02 EDT 2019 | bruce_mackean

Hi there. Sorry I haven't responded sooner. The video I posted was a very preliminary trial that I developed as an option to my BoMCompare application. BoMCompare is a tool that can compare Bills or Materials of various file formats (xlsx, csv, txt,

Programming for Pick & Place and AOI machines

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 04 10:09:47 EDT 2017 | ks0707

Good morning, I looked one cycle of programming of Koh Young 3D AOI machine first, and will do same thing for JUKI Pick & Place and Mechatronic 2D AOI machine soon. BTW, I found from User manual of Koh Young 3D AOI that it allowed Mento Export file

Pick and Place vs CAD File

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 25 23:18:14 EDT 2017 | sarason

Try my program PCBSynergy if you want a freeware solution. https://pcbsynergy.com If your machine is not supported then send me some valid placement files and the CAD file you used to generate it and I will add it to the program. I have only the Un

Pick and Place vs CAD File

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 22 14:01:23 EDT 2017 | slthomas

In my experience the main advantage of the ASCII CAD format is that it combines the centroid data, rotations, and package information for your CAM software (at least it does for what we use) to draw the part shapes into the visual assembly aids. If

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