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JUKI KE2060R and KE2060L

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 21 04:23:16 EDT 2009 | smtbox

R series Features FCS (Flex Calibration System) highly regarded easy maintenance just got even easier! The optional FCS calibration jig is a simple to use system to re-calibrate placement accuracy. The machine automatically picks and places jig comp

X outs

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 25 15:00:37 EDT 2002 | Claude_Couture

1: I use the fiducial mark as bad board mark. 2: First get the X sensor installed on the machine, then use method 1. 3: other methods: group boards according to which unit is X out. Then edit NC program to skip corresponding X out.

X-Out Board

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 19 07:04:21 EDT 2013 | Flux Capacitor

When I enter in the program data for a particular PCB on our Juki, I choose a board fiducial and enter its X Y location as the "bad mark position". (Although I'm not sure if your model refers to this as a "bad mark" as well.) Place a sticker over tha

X outs

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 25 14:05:12 EDT 2002 | Bordiky

I've been reading the forum here for a few weeks and found some helpful material from talented individuals. Now, I have a question(s). I'm looking into different alternatives for doing X outs. Right now I'm familiar w/ two of them:1. Bad Board Mar

F-MOT-MSETDYN Theta/12: No axis movement detected by transducer

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 07 13:17:32 EST 2020 | bk

I am assuming you are initializing each motor individually through the service program. The z motor theta is hard to see so I put a mark on it with a colored marker so you can watch if the midas tool nozzle is actually turning or not. You should be a

Samsung CP 45 NEO, servo motors

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 22 03:19:43 EDT 2019 | bukas

well, in video shown it looks like #1 motor drives head #1 upwards but does not detect home sensor being triggered. and then you get timeout error, head not being able to reach the position ( machine not registering it has reached position). since yo

Fiducial recognition using laser

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 02 09:50:40 EST 2004 | cedams

Yup. It was definitely checking the fiducials as well as the block skip marks and it used to work pretty well. What it did was started at the center of where the fiducial should be and scanned left. When it found a change in contrast it scanned righ

SMT Production Tips

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 29 10:14:27 EST 2011 | davef

Darpy's offset checking trick: One trick I always use is to make the first two placements in every program the same as the fiducial data picked up from a dummy feeder. These two placements are generally skipped. ** If I do have a problem then I unski

Placement Program Tweaking

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 17 03:24:25 EDT 2001 | djarvis

Dave, Like everyone else,I don't generally allow it. If only one component is off and that head is doing another component of the same type with no probs, ( pick-up is OK ) then I just say "don't ask me - move the bloody thing". I usually find it's


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