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juki comments

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 05 14:03:03 EST 2006 | kmeline


Questions on juki 740

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 23 10:15:10 EDT 2011 | bwjm

I am thinkingof purchasing a juke 740. The seller told me that the machine is capable of mounting down to 0402 and 0.5mm ic pitch, but I search the net I realize that it is able to mount 01005 and ic pitch 0.3mm. So is my machine seller's information

Where to buy vacuum filter for juki and Yamaha machine

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 08 16:52:07 EST 2006 | darby

Which model Yamhah are you talking about and what is the make and model # of the manifold block for the micro ejectors? If it has the Koganei ME05M series then your local rep can supply the filters. It is a good idea to get spare O-rings for the filt

Juki / Zevatech 740 service manual

Electronics Forum | Fri May 05 03:07:35 EDT 2017 | beckysu

Hi Muzzy, Good day. Our company main in JUKI SMT spare parts, if you need any of them, pls feel free to contact me. becky(at)hysmt(dot)cn Best Regards, Becky Su

Juki Service Engineer Password for FX3 and KE3020

Electronics Forum | Mon May 08 05:23:03 EDT 2023 | akwinney5

Does anyone know the Service Engineer Passwords for the Juki FX-3 and KE3020 pick and place machines? I am trying to set these machines up to be networked and I need full access to the computer on these machines to make the appropriate changes.

Juki - line control from a server/line computer? is it possible ?

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 29 05:52:23 EDT 2023 | kirill

Hi, Im not in china anymore, was there for a short visit. Is it even possible to control the line from a computer? From what I've been told, "Juki software is not that smart". Can I contact you directly via email/whatsapp/wechat ?

Juki programs to Ascii

Electronics Forum | Mon May 16 03:24:23 EDT 2022 | sarason

"Programming" from Ealead can do that for you https://ealead-e.ucoz.com/ sarason

No such thing as a Compact Reflow Oven?

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 28 05:15:33 EDT 2018 | reckless

There is no local support for Juki or Samsung in Chicago. If I pay $5000 Samsung will be able to monitor everything remotely. I am still unsure of the life of a pick and place machine. I have seen some Universals get to 50,000. Not sure about Ju

Samsung SM320 VS Assembleon 8 head Opal XII

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 07 19:05:49 EST 2007 | JD

Anymore comments on the Assembleon. I am in the midst of this same decision now. Throw in the Juki 2060 and we have a ballgame...

belts for JUKI pick & place

Electronics Forum | Fri May 03 12:06:55 EDT 2013 | ericrr

For your part you took the time and trouble to do Phil it is a tremendous help. But it might pay if I do not say anymore at this stage. Thank you Phil.

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