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Need PA-0601016-00, air cylinder for Juki KE-2020

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 09 22:20:09 EST 2021 | nrauworth67

Looking to buy this ASAP

Need PA-0601016-00, air cylinder for Juki KE-2020

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 10 01:04:12 EST 2021 | sophyluo1985

Please contact us GOLDLAND,sales07@goldlandsmt.com

Need PA-0601016-00, air cylinder for Juki KE-2020

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 27 15:19:32 EST 2021 | nrauworth67

Thank you

large bga (55mmx44mm) capable placement machines?

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 08 22:13:07 EDT 2004 | Frank

Our Juki KE-2020 can place up to 74mm X 74mm ICs and BGA. I am have placed this zif socket before on the KE-2020 that you are speaking of. I don't think the KE-2020s are being made any longer. I know the new KE-2060 machines (that replaced the KE-

Need PA-0601016-00, air cylinder for Juki KE-2020

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 23 01:58:28 EST 2021 | davef

Two things [1} Sophy at Goldland is fabulous at responding to posts like this she is all over it [2] don't forget that you can submit RFQ at the SMTnet Mart [https://smtnet.com/mart/]

Juki Feeder Trolley with feeder bank

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 27 15:21:37 EST 2014 | idscraigsmith

My company uses a Juki KE-2020L and a Juki KE-1070L pick and place. I am trying to locate feeder trolley's with feeder banks that would be compatible with these machines but am having a hard time finding anything. Anyone have suggestions of where t

Multi-part reeling for pick and place

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 17 15:22:17 EDT 2004 | rohman23

Thanks for all the responses. I do agree with what was said, and can certainly see reasons not to try. I'll write a little more about what we do. We are a defense contractor, and as I mentioned very high mix, low volume. We only have 1 SMT line.

Juki gang picking same part number

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 27 10:12:16 EDT 2018 | jandon

Does the component supply count setting do the trick? We have picked simultaneously same part number in two different feeders with our KE-2020L.

Juki optimisation

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 23 19:50:57 EDT 2007 | Frank

Possible head combinations to pick from multiple 12, 16, or 24mm feeders. Note: you can not mix feeder sizes for simultaneous picks. KE-2010 and KE-2050 will use 1&3, 2&4, or 1&4 KE-2020 and KE-2060 will use 1,3,R or 2,4,R or 1,4,R I prefer to s

Flason SMT Products

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 04 00:03:28 EDT 2018 | gaintstar

flason smt pick and place machine: http://www.flason-smt.com/product/Hanwha-IC-placer-SM321-High-Speed-SMT-Modular-Chip-Mounter.html http://www.flason-smt.com/product/Hanwha-Pick-and-Place-Machine-DECAN-F2-High-Speed-SMT-Modular-Chip-Mounter.html htt


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