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JUKI KE-760L manual

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 03 04:18:00 EDT 2017 | leeg

I think the HLC manuals covered mostly the VCS, what is the problem?

JUKI KE-760L manual

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 30 15:18:24 EDT 2017 | aurash

If anyone has a KE-760 user manual that he/she can share with me please, I would really appreciate it. I do have a KE-750 manual but it doesn't cover VCS (video centering system) which is my main problem. Thanks in advance, Aurash

JUKI KE700 series - system configuration options

Electronics Forum | Fri May 06 06:54:56 EDT 2022 | jojoled

I have JUKI KE760L, and did notice that, when In "Feeder data " I select feeder position say 20, it enters XYZ coordinates for "pick coordinates" for example X=-260, Y=-25, Z=-1, which I need to "correct always by camera (it is slightly shifted).....

JUKI Z-axis re-calibration procedure

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 05 11:51:30 EDT 2022 | jojoled

Can anybody help with Re-calibrating the Z-axis height in MS parameter , on JUKI KE760L? In MS parameter manual, there is information that these accessories are needed to recalibrate the Z-axis , can anybody tell where to get them, or ideally how to

JUKI KE760L Z/T axis problem-urgent HELP please - ALARM1 /ALARM4

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 15 13:55:31 EDT 2022 | jojoled

Hi all, I need help with problem Iam stuck with JUKI KE760L. -SERVO ALARM 1 and ALARM4 https://photos.app.goo.gl/CCDcNtbbEhJLBo47A Sometimes I do get error ON ALL 4 SERVO drivers (1-2seconds after starting the calibration routine (even before the Z

JUKI KE760 Flexible mounter: installation software needed

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 29 12:29:37 EDT 2021 | jojoled

Hi, can anybody provide a Installation software for JUKI KE/FM760L,named as "Juki Flexible mounter 1.35 " or similar version? I need to change the PCB max.width limit from 410mm to 560mm(heads can travel that far, no problem) and on disk the MSDOS so

JUKI configuration file locatioon

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 29 06:48:11 EDT 2022 | jojoled

I have old JUKI machine, which after power loss seems to have corupted configuration file(all works fine,except Vision configuration for fiducial recognition : camera is unable to read/ write parameters for Vision), can anybody help to tell which fil

PnP Error : Z axis of left head : SERVO alarm.

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 04 09:40:12 EDT 2022 | jojoled

Hi, did anybody face such error(attached)? After calibrate all axis I get this error. "E202074 : Z axis of left head : SERVO alarm. Turn off the power to the machine and perform inspection" - see attachement. Machine was fully working day

juki smt machine 2060 error E613091 the vacuum of a head did not go up. L-3 head

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 13 19:01:46 EDT 2023 | crystalw4280

I have an old Juki 2060 The electors were replaced on some heads that were disabled. Now we are showing some of the same errors with those heads. Does anyone have any suggestions for possible cause that would make this happen again. Another warning

juki smt machine 2060 error E613091 the vacuum of a head did not go up. L-3 head

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 24 19:09:12 EDT 2023 | sarason

Possibly blocked air lines did you check air pressure? Also drivers on the relevant boards. or simply damage in the flexible wiring harness( a nightmare) sarason

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