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SN100C vs. SAC 305 wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 04 09:54:39 EDT 2008 | redtiger56

We have been seeing continued difficulty with solder shorts and/or insufficient barrel fill with our Juki selective solder machine while using SAC305. We want to switch to something in the SN100 series, but we do not know enough to seperate the hype

Best Selective wave?

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 20 10:06:01 EDT 2012 | kahrpr

Ace Selective solder. I think Juki might have one.

Selective Soldering Equipment

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 26 15:24:12 EST 2007 | joeherz

A recent thread regarding the ACE KISS equipment has me wondering if anyone is happy with their choice in selective equipment. I don't see much mentioned about Pillarhouse, Juki, ERSA and some of the others. We're currently debating whether to inve

Typical SMT Machine changeover times?

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 30 06:32:17 EST 2006 | smartasp

Wow Frank You guys must be assemblyng overengineered Gaming machine boards. You beat me. My definition of quality is fit for purpose and thats the criteria we select our equipment. I suppose the Juki does exactly for you what you need. Still the fel

vaccum & blow level for Juki machine

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 15 00:14:27 EDT 2005 | fdr4prez

Contact your local Juki Service Office, they should be able to supply these answers. Or post your data and other users can compare them with their equipment. The units of measure can be in either kPA or mmHg. This is dependent on the units of meas

Selective Soldering Equipment

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 06 11:51:11 EST 2007 | lysik

We use a dual pot ERSA system. It is outstanding. Saved about 3000 hours of labor a month. Very expensive but worth it. We also looked at JUKI it was also a nice system. It was very flexible but the ERSA was better suited for high volume.

Juki 740 or Panasonic MPAG3 better?

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 18 13:07:52 EDT 2012 | mark25y2001

MPAG3 is capable to detect bend pin in up and down form... but i advice to read both machine specs and compare base on your production need for a wise and best machine selection.

Use Juki 740 / 750 / 760 in Bypass Mode?

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 27 04:24:43 EST 2015 | leeg

Hi Tercel, if you goto Maintenance on the main screen and select Idle this will enable boards to pass through.

Printer and Reflow Oven Recommendations

Electronics Forum | Wed May 13 13:22:39 EDT 2015 | cohlmann

Hello Everyone. We are setting up our first SMT line and are looking for recommendations on printers and reflow ovens. Currently most of our manufacturing is outsourced and we want the ability to manufacture all of our products in-house. One impor

Surface mount Machines

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 19 20:02:47 EST 2005 | HOSS

Brad, I went through the arduous process of selecting new P&P equipment last year. I looked at all of the same machines you are considering in addition to Juki and Europlacer. We are a high mix low volume shop as well and were running Quad "C" mac

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