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Suface mount shield pad size

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 01 14:01:33 EDT 2009 | wbrenner

Has anyone used Orbel E-Z SHIELD, Surface mount two-piece fence and cover? They do not recommend pad size, any suggestions In addition, we are considering RFI Clip (Autosplice PN MINI7-V2004115AA/TT). I have concerns about alignment, Possible flo

QFP208-Leads for MCM-L?

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 17 21:46:18 EDT 1998 | Matthias Mansfeld

I plan to design a multichip module which contains 1 chip with about 200 pads and 2 chips with about 50 pads, no other components.The whole module shall replace as intermediate solution a single chip CPU in QFP208. Thus, the MCM itself must have t

Assemby of flexible printed circuits

Electronics Forum | Fri May 18 23:48:02 EDT 2012 | mspcb

Hi, Since you're looking information about flexible printed circuits,a book entitled "Printed Circuit Boards R. S. Khandpur" could give you lot of information about flex circuits from Design, Fabrication, and Assembly Phase. The book contains compr

Re: Cleaning Stencils

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 12 12:13:21 EST 1998 | Bill Schreiber

No appologies necessary, it looks like wayne@att beat me to it! Seriously, there is an article in the current November issue of Circuits Assembly magazine: "Surface-Mount Stencil Cleaning" by Nick J. Lester. From talking to Mr. Lester, I know he ha

Placement Program Control

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 17 14:28:27 EDT 2001 | Chuck N.

I like the idea that files are stored on a Lan system. Typically lans are backed up daily or weekly by the IT department. If not they should be backed up on tape or disk weekly, monthly, etc. depending on how often new programs are released. The m

Don't understand the test results of an In-Circuit Tester

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 16 03:41:43 EST 2016 | Haizen

I need to extract data from a log file and sort the data in an Excel file. Details are as follows: - Log File is a measurement result produced by an In-Circuit Tester (no info. about it, no name, no type, nothing). - Measurement Result is from


Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 11 09:47:01 EST 2000 | Dave F

Abbas: Sources of information on DFM/DFT are: � "SMTnet Express" articles on DFM by Earl Moon � IPC-D-279, 'Design Guidelines for Reliable Surface Mount Technology Printed Board Assemblies' � Books in SMTnet and SMTA book stores � Other examples ar


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