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Storing OSP PCBs

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 23 02:38:05 EDT 2019 | sssamw

Kee OSP PCB dry and sealed with dryer is enough, PCb supplier will tell you how to store it.

Re: Conformal Coating

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 06 22:52:16 EST 1998 | Scott McKee

| I will be starting a conformal coating process soon, I am looking for any pointers on | 1) Best method for masking components, tape mask, liqued mask Masking tape or rubber caps will work, the ligued mask is too hard to remove. | 2) Which is best

Re: Stencil Opening

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 25 02:33:52 EST 1998 | Scott McKee

| | Stencil Opening | | Looking for spec or any info to specify stencil opening for TSOP48 20mil that will consider also thickens and direction of printing, if applicable | Ron, | Use a six mil foil thickness for your stencil. Go one to one with yo

Re: SMT rework station

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 24 22:46:58 EST 1997 | Scott McKee

| Can anybody give me feed back on the pro and cons of | using Pace, OK, Hakko, Metcal, etc... equipment in | their rework processes? I need to set up a low volume | rework station for mixed technology boards. | Would appreciate any suggestions. I

Re: Very Low Volume, Very High Mix Experience

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 08 09:25:02 EST 1997 | Scott McKee

| I would like to hear from anyone producing high mix (~200 modules) with low volumes (5-2000 per year) using an automatic line running lot sizes in the 5-50 range. We are engaged in an investigation to invest in this capability. A view into the or

New growth market

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 11 17:04:33 EST 2007 | pgarsoe

We want to start a discussion on the solar manufacturing market in response to a conversation with Anita Brown of Indium at the recent Productronica show in Germany. Since we referred to it in our show report newsletter we decided to start a thread a

Re: Who's Who's in Screen Printers for Contract Manufactuers

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 13 00:33:41 EDT 1998 | Scott McKee

| Hidee Ho Brian! | Just like the other Steve, we just bought a SPM too. Our is brand new, and it's a SPM-AV (has vision). The other option we have is a automatic underside stencil cleaner. | We're a contract assembler as well, just starti


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