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What is the acceptable Halide content of

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 25 15:09:06 EST 2002 | jax

Kelvin, You can find the Standard acceptable levels and testing procedures from IPC. Here's a little advice from the fellas' over at PCFAB: As a guideline, we recommend that for assemblies processed with low-solids flux technology and that are not cl

Re: CSP Assembly- SIR Test

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 31 14:20:35 EST 1998 | Michael Allen

Kelvin, Yes, we're referencing the same spec. I performed the test under the Class 2 conditions (except that I used a 100V bias rather than 50V...but my water-washed microBGAs still passed). Regarding the omegameter test: we have this instrument,

Wetting Balance Solderability Equipment

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 05 16:04:47 EDT 2001 | Kelvin

Dear All, I am looking for a good wetting balance solderability tester. I hope this piece of equipment is maintence free, small dimension and robust. The most important is this equipment should comply with most of the industry test standard, like IP

Re: CSP Assembly- SIR Test

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 31 01:09:18 EST 1998 | Kelvin Chow

Dear Micheal, SIR test is used to characterize fluxes by determining the degration of electrical insulation resistance of rigid printed wiring board specimens after exposure to the specified flux. (IPC TM-650 # http://www.ipc.org/html/tm2.6.h

Re: CSP Assembly- No-clean vs Aqueous

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 30 17:34:23 EST 1998 | Michael Allen

I'm afraid we don't agree regarding the best test method to use here. My understanding is as follows. The omegameter test measures board-level, ionic contamination (i.e., average for the entire board area and all components); it does not tell you w

Re: CSP Assembly- No-clean vs Aqueous

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 29 22:31:06 EST 1998 | Kelvin Chow

It is still a big concern on using No-clean or aqueous cleaning for CSP assembly. I prefer to use no-clean, however, not all components are suitable to use it. Especially those dirty capacitors or connectors which may cause solderability problem. It


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