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no-clean process

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 28 21:54:54 EST 2003 | MA/NY DDave

Hi Notice they do call out that you should use their thinner. In the MSDS you get a clue as to the thinner they are mostly using with some additives. http://www.kester.com/PDF%20FILES/PDF%20Data%20Sheets/E%20No-Clean%20Fluxes/951%20(30Mar98)logo.p

IR oven profiling

Electronics Forum | Mon May 19 15:39:56 EDT 2003 | pjc

Curious. Are you finding no applications support from Dima or Manncorp (if a USA Dima customer) or Kester for that matter? DIMA SMT Systems NL. B.V. Beukelsdijk 2 5753 PA Deurne Netherlands Tel: +31 493 352 752 Fax: +31 493 352 750 sales@dimasmt.nl

voc free flux

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 12 10:45:12 EST 2003 | johnthor

Absolutely, read the manufacturers MSDS. You do have it, don't you? We use Kester 971 and it reads Waste Disposal Methods: According to local regulations. Considered biodegradable. We did take the precaution of informing the local authorities and

Solder balls

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 06 10:46:12 EDT 2004 | blnorman

We have now switched to Kester EP256. During our solder paste evaluation, resistance to humidity was one of the selection criteria. We printed multiple boards, then exposed them to 85�F/65% RH. At 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, and 4 hours exposure

flux on PCB's after cleaning

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 26 16:31:02 EDT 2004 | Sue PH

We use Kester 186 flux and the STU people would sometimes find white residue after cleaning with Isopropyl at the solder station. We have Lenium (Petroferm)in our vapor degreasers, and now they use Lenium at their stations as well as final clean, an

Un-Reflowed Paste

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 26 15:05:36 EDT 2004 | Chris C

We are seeing un-Reflowed paste along the IC leads. There is only a very small amount imbedded in the flux, typically there is about 10 beads per lead. But on most leads. We are using no-clean Kester 256 paste (Easy Profile)We have not encountered th

Pitted / Stretched Appearance on Fine Pitch Components.

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 27 15:15:48 EDT 2004 | JSTARKEY

We have recently encountered a problem that we haven't seen before: The solder joint appears to be wetting ok and the solder is re-flowing but the appearance of the solder after re-flow is pitted. Using Kester 531, humidity around 41% temperature aro

Lead-Free SMD repair

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 27 06:57:47 EDT 2005 | steve

I always have a difficult time with seeing people using two different manufacturers products. Here your printing with Senju and hand soldering with Kester. So if theres a problem you have to look at two different products, contact two different compa

INDIUM 92J solder paste feedback

Electronics Forum | Mon May 09 15:27:05 EDT 2005 | jdumont

We used the 92J a couple of years ago for a while. It performed very well for us. However when we started batch cleaning our assemblies the 92J post solder residue was not very easy to remove so we switched to Kester 256 which cleaned better. JD

Lead Free Choices

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 12 11:50:23 EDT 2005 | Mark

Chris (if thats your real name), For 0201 I only use Asahi from Singapore. If it is 0402 Asahi is by far the best. Kester is mainly used for 0603 and Indium is a good choice for BGA's only (and some QFP's). Just my frank opinion. Hope the infor

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