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Kester HM531 Solder Paste

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 26 06:50:02 EDT 2006 | clampron

Good Morning All, We have recently switched to Kester HM531 solder paste due to some extreme environmental conditions. It has worked well and allowed us to continue production where we would be down with our previous solder paste. We have seen a re

Plated through via's in pads.

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 05 10:31:38 EST 2003 | bpan

Hello Everyone, Is anyone out there building smt boards that have plated through vias directly located through the pads. We are seeing some of these designs and the soldering is very poor because the solder is flowing through the via. We think that w

saponifiers compatible with CPVC

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 16 16:11:25 EST 2006 | slthomas

We currently use Armakleen E-2001WS in our Trieber inline cleaner and I'm trying to review the process and look into upgrading the chemistry if it's appropriate. After a little research I've concluded that I don't have nearly the information I need t

BGA void removal

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 07 18:03:16 EDT 2002 | russ

David, Guess what, Today I happened to try my new sample of Kester HM531 and I also was blown away by the results! I could not find voids anywhere! (same profile etc...) One thing I noticed during my testing however was that it seemed like after I

Flux residue?

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 30 14:35:35 EDT 2003 | clarkk

Hello all, We have received reports from two customers about electrical leakage on pcb assemblies that used Kester paste #HM531 (63/37) and washed with Kester 'Bio-kleen' saponifier and DI water. The leakage is such that when the boards receive power

LED lifted soldering defect

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 04 12:42:04 EST 2019 | dunks

We currently use Kester's ep256 as well and it seems to be a bit more grainy than one would expect from lead, especially if the temperature is too low. That paste says it's specialty is being robust over a wide range of profiles and stencil conditio


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