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Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 24 16:26:57 EDT 2004 | pjc

MPM kick's butt on both in terms of accuracy, repeatability and durability. What more would you want?

Custom SMT Feeders for tubed components

Electronics Forum | Wed May 04 08:12:35 EDT 2005 | scotceltic

Thanks guys. USVIBRA is still alive and kicking apparently.


Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 25 18:00:37 EST 2007 | chrisgriffin

Chunks kicks ass. You should listen to her.

Waffle Tray Handling and Storage

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 23 18:28:25 EST 2007 | coop

you'll be fine. just don't drop kick it.

Waffle Tray Handling and Storage

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 23 18:28:31 EST 2007 | coop

you'll be fine. just don't drop kick it.

Noakes Electronic Equipment???Where are they??

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 13 15:05:02 EDT 2000 | Robert Russell

Just wondering about what happen to "Noakes Electronic Equipment". I have them in my notes as a Refurbisher Company. There phone numbers no longer exist and I can't find them on any search engin. Just looking for a kick in the right direction.

Re: motion detector

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 12 09:29:58 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Barry: We use motion detectors: * In our product packaging to determine if the shipper has drop kicked the box down the stairs. * Along our conveyors in production to sense a "line full" These are far different applications and probably far diffe

Re: IP3 Zero without Reboot???

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 30 12:57:25 EST 1999 | Larry Johnson

Okay guys... The SMT Forum is not used to communicate with one another YOU GOT IT!!! You are all going to get his kicked off of this thing!!!! Smiles Larry J

Forum Archives Now Available

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 03 14:45:42 EDT 2001 | neil

Whew! I finally finished the archives (and they weren't that bad). All postings to the smtnet forum from 12/5/97 to present are available and fully searchable. thanks for the kick in the @$$ dave, I needed it. -neil

aoi inline

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 21 21:11:29 EDT 2001 | davef

It depends on what you're doing. Say for component placement verification, a line that's kicking-butt might have time to look at a somewhat different quarter of each board, depending on lots of stuff [eg, board, AOI equipment, line rate, etc.]

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