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Oven Profile

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 16 08:15:55 EDT 2003 | davef

Check with your temperature profile equipment supplier [eg, KIC, ECD, etc]. We use a download from ECD that lists most ovens and solder pastes that make it [or one like from another supplier] a good place to start.

Super M.O.L.E or Slim KIC 2000 for oven profiling?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 30 11:30:23 EDT 2002 | slthomas

We currently use the SuperMole and generally speaking it's a nice tool and gives us the information we need. The software could use some work, though. When you create a file for a new profile, you have to input a "time above" temperature for your

Solder Paste Inspection System.

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 06 17:15:06 EST 2002 | djarvis

Hmmmm, very good point. I never thought about it much as such dedicated tools were not available when I first kicked off. I'd look at the reflow under a microscope and if I could identify any problems, I'd start to look at the print using the same

BGA void removal

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 19 08:33:50 EDT 2002 | johnw

The whole thread seem's to have gone off track. Russ we've been doing a fairly big bit of work on the whole BGA voidign thing as we were so unhappy with the answer's that we were getting from around the industry, basically no one really kows all the


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