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PCB bent due to mechanical force

Sep 23, 2019 | It would kill the component on the opposite side, be careful to bent a PCB especially with component

Package rebake

Nov 2, 2018 |


Mar 21, 2018 | I know this isn't a choice from what I'm reading, but we use to kill LED boards with an old Panasoni

Has anyone done breakaway tabs with v-score on both sides instead of mouse-bites?

Jul 26, 2017 | We've sanded bites before, but with these volumes, it would kill it. Thanks

We are now building 48 inch (1200mm) SMT assemblies.

May 19, 2016 | Curiosity is killing me... What printer and pick n place machines are you using?

Topaz-Xii Error Code 30

Apr 27, 2015 |


Apr 15, 2013 | So I swapped the memory card out and it seems to be a bit better. It doesn't kill the 24v power qui


Apr 11, 2013 | Hello. I am having a problem with a CP3 machine. This machine decides every so often to kill 24v po

Wave Solder question

May 31, 2012 | Yes, 45 degree will kill the shadowing effect. YOu can also consider the teardrop on its land. No

Oven Shutdown Temperature

May 2, 2012 | We do the same, once you kill the power you lose your air circulation. I'm assuming it's not too go

QFN soldering

Apr 4, 2012 | I agree, the only way to "truly" inspect a QFN is with an X-ray. But this might be over-kill for hi

11 BGA's 12-Layer nightmare

Aug 23, 2010 | Kill the engeneer


May 17, 2010 |

SAC BGA in Pb Process

Mar 29, 2010 |

Swine Flu

Apr 29, 2009 |

Conformal Coat peeling

Apr 14, 2009 |

wave pallets

Feb 24, 2009 |

Removal of silk screen on PCB??

Jul 24, 2008 | Not on a pad, just off the mask. I cant tell you why, then I would have to kill you! :)

The $38 Billion Blunder

May 28, 2008 |

Thermal Profilers

Jan 29, 2008 | Hello, we use DataPAQ 6 slots - but after tech guys finally killed their profiler on wave its thei

Smema between GDM & PCT

Aug 22, 2007 | Happen to me on a conveyor after a GSM but not a PCT. Had to install small caps to kill the noise o

Philips Topaz programming question

Aug 2, 2007 | Steve, why do you want them on the rear of the machine - fine way to kill an operator.

Who's heard about

Aug 2, 2007 |

SMT adhesive suggestions?

Jul 20, 2007 |

SN100C wetting problems

Jul 13, 2007 |

Solder wave

May 7, 2007 | Are the pallets hot and killing the foam head as they pass over or is the air pressure on the air kn

How long can you leave paste - update

Apr 2, 2007 | Hand on heart nothing that will kill anyone. :) Promise.

DI Bed life expectancy

Feb 28, 2007 |

A BGA reports (RoHS related of course)

Feb 9, 2007 | Patrick, the suspense is killing me. What happens next?? I can't wait for the "conclusion."

BGA Repair Medium

Aug 25, 2006 |

Next Stages of Lead Free

Aug 11, 2006 |

RoHS Channel Stock

Jun 30, 2006 |

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