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Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 14 16:51:46 EDT 2005 | GS

It stands for Elettroless Nikel Immersion Gold, a kind of PCB finishing Entek (there are several kinds) is a brand name of an OSP (Organic Solderability Preservative)kind of PCB finishing. Regards............GS

Solder joint strength

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 29 09:02:13 EST 2005 | Indy

chon, we do a similar kind of perpendicular test, but have not found any kind of specifications to determine if the force is good eoungh. Since you mentioned that 6 pound-inch was enough for your application, could you provide some insight on how

Pick-up rate analyze at CP,IP fuji machines

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 18 14:03:09 EST 2007 | pima

Hello everybody!! I would like to know what kind of tool do you use to analize pick-up error rate at CP and IP fuji machines? Is it special kind of software or you use some customized solutions? Im thinking about writing some kind of database based

What kind of fire extinguisher

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 18 15:16:09 EDT 2009 | wayne123

I was told I needed to figure out what kind of fire extinguisher we needed for our Smt line. this includes 2 topaz pick n places, and a reflow oven. I also have to figure out what kind of extiguisher to use at our Wave machine. can anyone tell me w

what kind of material can pass through smt process?

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 28 19:07:38 EST 1998 | flag

can some kind of through hole type connector pass through the smt process (with IR technology)???? the temperature factor or material factor?????

Resitance testing equipment

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 11 07:13:43 EST 2005 | Daniel Peeters

Hi, I am kind of new in this forum. I would like to know if there exist some SMT manuft. using end of line resistance testing for SMT1206 resistance? If yes do you know possible suppliers? Kind Regards, Daniel Peeters

Positive Pressure Facility

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 06 10:58:16 EDT 2005 | davef

We are beginning to think about adding positive pressure in our plant to reduce dust and other crud. * What do we need to think about? * What kind of equipment is used? * What kind of cost and implementation issues need to be considered?

Lead Free Dross

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 12 16:12:08 EST 2006 | frankp

Sara, this MS2 stuff sounds great, but just wondering what kind of residue is left behind on the PWB. Is it kind of like the oil injection days of old? Thanks, FrankP

Solder void underneath the mosfet

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 26 03:24:01 EDT 2010 | ravikumarasahitec

Hi, yes we used to see this kind of problem our customer end. This due to stencil aperture opening.these kind of issues we will overcome thorough our stencil process. please contact. ravikumar@asahitec.in

What kind of anti-seize compound to use in lead free pot

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 19 08:03:18 EST 2010 | theo

Can anybody tell me what kind of anti-seize compound to use in a lead free solder pot? I have found copper, nickel, and silver anti-seize but I cannot decide which one to use. Thanks for the help.

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