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SN100C vs. SAC 305 wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Mon May 22 07:01:16 EDT 2006 | Rob

Hi Grant, I've seen a couple of good fluxes on lead free - WF-7742 from Indium & JS-EU-01 from Koki. I'm sure everyone else has a good one too - just make sure it is one formulated for the elevated temperatures involved. Cheers, Rob


Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 15 06:26:26 EST 2001 | Sal

Sorry for the lack of information provided, I'll try again : Test Points are the one's that are not soldering. The test points are round in geometry, 0.5MM(metric) in diameter with a HASL finish.The test point are no different to the ed through hole

PCB post reflow cleaning

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 29 07:21:51 EST 2004 | jdumont

We are also having the same problem here. I was told earlier that it could be a problem with the solder mask during the raw board manufacturing level but then I noticed that the problem was only surfacing on boards that went through the wave. As far

PCB post reflow cleaning

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 28 22:17:36 EST 2004 | Grant Petty

Hi, I would also be interested in this thread, but our problem has a different twist to it. We have good results from our reflow with Koki no clean paste, however when we pass the boards through the wave solder machine, the flux in that leaves a fog

OT: Wavesolder Process Engineer Needed

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 03 10:24:54 EDT 2008 | grayman

Hello WaveMaster Larry, I think you are very well knowledgeable in wave machine or process. However, I think the reason why your former company won�t listen to you is because you also never listen to your people. I think you overlooked the saying �N


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