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Attrition... how to measure it?

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 15 10:37:19 EST 2012 | caerleon

The only way you will be able to measure it is to count the reel before you put it on the machine, count them when they come off and deduct the amount expected to be placed. you will then have the result of attrition on the machine. or.. Pick the p

Throw out component from - placement machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 20 23:44:41 EDT 2006 | reypal

Thanks Darby for your comment and absolutely agree with you. What we are trying to define here is a KPI for throw out. but before that, we need to get a guideline or standard as reference. in this case, if no any industry standard then we can use cur

Production Management for micro small firms

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 02 05:26:54 EST 2015 | udokorsmit

If you are interested in LEAN type of software where you have realtime view on your bottlenecks so that your operators are actually focussed on more performance, than our LineSight system will provide this info (and more). This is a completely new sy


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