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Soldering robot and solder balls

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 22 15:05:55 EDT 2017 | solderingpro

There are several different technologies in the industry today to assist in the out-gassing of flux cores. On automated soldering systems, there are two main types of perforating solder feeders: - Hole Drilling - "V" Scoring By perforating the so

Re: Robotics

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 04 14:01:30 EDT 2000 | Danny Carr

Frank, Check with the Industrial Robotics Forum: http://www.industrycommunity.com/myforum/paul_sprunger/index.html Good luck! Danny

Automation Solutions for Robotic Assembly in SMT

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 04 07:43:24 EDT 2017 | sukanyadg

Hi, So we are looking to automate a factory. We already have SMT assembly using robotic assembly line. Can anyone suggest or connect me to someone with technical expertise to implement this complete solution? We want to automate and also enhance th

Who can repair cognex cards?

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 16 18:41:17 EST 2006 | John Fisher

Unidec repairs of industrial electronics specializing in the surface mount (SMT) and through-hole circuit board equipment, robotics, vision systems and general automation. Plese see our website at http://www.unidec.com of call toll free at 888-701-00

Seeking a "Unit Test" circuit board for testing a Pick & Place

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 12 15:51:57 EDT 2015 | billthebuilder

I am looking to test our Pick and Place robot with a RLC circuit of various sized components and orientations. I figure this has been done before, so before making it my self I wanted to check if such a board was available. Also, if there's a circu

Re: Pick & Place Equipment - Manual/Robotic

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 17 23:28:35 EST 1998 | George Henning

No experience with manual machines. I know OK Industries makes a couple of different flavours. I am looking to purchase a low cost manual P&P machine. I am interested in the equipment that has an X,Y table and an armrest for the operator. I don't

WEEE & ROHS Compliant or not ? (manipulating tool)

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 11 05:52:04 EDT 2005 | GS

I know this could not be an SMT thread, but in certain way it impacts the PCB/PCBAs Assemblers. Hello everybody, who could help me please to identify if this tool Mmust be or Not compliant with the WEEE and ROHS Eu Directives ? I can define

LGA Rework

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 23 06:34:43 EST 2012 | bandjwet

With all of the various techniques available for LGA rework including but not limited to: Bumping the part using a polyimide stencil http://www.solder.net/products/stencilmate Bumping the part using a metal fixture or http://www.finetech.de/advance

Starting new soldering process

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 21 17:11:24 EST 2017 | u4bga

We're about to setup our own soldering process... I have some experience from the contract manuf industry. Types of solder processes: - tip soldering robot for low volume - Japan UNIX LASER soldering machine for high volume Questions: 1) Examples

Re: Dicing Operation

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 28 19:45:33 EST 1998 | Ron Gilman

I will try to answer some of your questions. My name is Ron Gilman and I am President of Chipscale Robotics here in Fremont California. We manufacture Die Pick & Place equipment and would be happy to send you brochures. Please email me with your a

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