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SPI KohYoung KY8030-3

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 10 14:27:08 EDT 2019 | bane016

Hello, The machine reports the connection lost between the head and the server?Is there any idea what can be? I would try first to solve the problem if I can, before I call support... Thank you, Problem solved! The connector was damaged.... Th

SPI KohYoung KY8030-3

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 12 08:02:28 EDT 2019 | Matt

Hey, unrelated to your post inquiry but how are you liking you KohYoung SPI and how long have you had it in service?

SPI KohYoung KY8030-3

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 12 14:33:56 EDT 2019 | bane016

In the service has been for a year..The machine works three shifts 24h per day in year...Very fast and precise machine.. and the most important of all it is extremely easy to use and easy to make a new program.Recommendation from me.. Best regards


Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 24 23:33:20 EDT 2018 | vinzon02

Hi all; I need advise to Koh Young SPI machine user. I had problem on importing gerber file. I requested stencil gerber files to supplier but all gerber files send to me cannot be import on KY8030-2 machine. Error appears "There is no Gerber file t


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