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Can UP 2000 printer work with R and L justified stencils?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 31 16:09:09 EDT 2006 | Chunks

Yes. I have both R-L and L-R machine in house and we swap stencils betweeen them all the time. Stencil programs from R-L to a L-R machine (and vise/versa) will not.

Question on Cyberoptics Sentry 2000 implementation

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 13 07:19:56 EDT 2004 | pjc

The Sentry 2000 does not have its own board handling system. It fits over an existing conveyor in your line right after the printer. You can have the conveyor R-L or L-R.

JOT conveyor Service Technician, anyone know someone?

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 08 12:46:05 EDT 2005 | Joe

I need a knowledgable technician to do a l-r r-l change over on a jot buffer. we can either send the machines to you, or we will be willing to fly you down and cover expenses. if anyone knows someone please send me their phone number, and email.

DEK 265GSX Rail System Error

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 05 09:24:40 EDT 2010 | dekhead

As stated, that error relates to rail lifted sensord (L & R)... Machine is perceiving that something is causing rails to lift at inappropriate time. You can monitor sensor status in Rising Table diagnostic to see that they are toggling appropriately.

Conveyor belt moves opposite direction

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 23 06:26:18 EDT 2019 | jfeustel

Kanetic did implement a feature into their PLC code that would allow for simple reversal of the board flow. This is why the conveyor suddenly reversed direction after so many years. Because the feature was invoked by holding down a button it was kno

Fuji GP-341

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 09 13:54:10 EST 2007 | jdengler

Hi All, I'm having a problem with a Fuji GP-341. It has squeegee pressure control using a TEAC TD-320A comparator. I cannot get it to measure printing pressure. On the TD-320A it normally reads "2512" then flips to "oFl4" then back to "2512". If


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