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Thank you.

Electronics Forum | Tue May 01 12:51:36 EDT 2001 | CAL

If there is anything I can help with - I am sure we can provide a service be it training, Lab services, Transition, Design, CAD, ESS,........you name it(does not hurt having 35 Scientistsand engineers on board). Touch base with me at cdriscoll@aci-co

West coast testing labs?

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 23 21:36:02 EST 2001 | CAL

If you do not have any luck finding a west coast lab, but need services I am sure we can help. The only problem is we are on the east coast. Many moons ago empf was on the west coast (China Lake) but moved eastward. We are in Philadelphia, PA. (ski

Is there a cross section standard test method...

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 25 10:08:20 EDT 2008 | bandjwet

Along the lines of this topic..... Does anyone know about the going rate for a cross sectional analysis including the report from 3rd party labs for this service?

Peel back force

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 31 16:18:30 EDT 2006 | GS

I beg you pardon AR, I made a mistake by reading your request, you are looking for a service lab who can do the peel back force test and not the Reference Standard (like EIA-481) for T&R. You should check if in your Country some Tape and Reeling Serv

Open board SiP PCB warpage measurement

Electronics Forum | Tue May 21 15:37:36 EDT 2013 | armelinda

I am looking for a service providing non contact PCB flatness measurement for open board SiP assembly. It was returned for failure analysis with complaint that assembly does not solder properly onto customer system board. Since there are remnants o

X-ray capabilities needed for Xilinix 1152-ball BGA

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 03 13:23:30 EST 2005 | caldon

Hi Steve- We have a Glenbrook system and are pretty pleased with it....as far a value vs. cost it works great. I did have an issue with a Soic with a ground plane in the center...yes SOIC!!! The Ground plane was a heat sync that had vias for thermal

Component failure analysis

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 19 14:29:12 EDT 2005 | ppwlee

What are possible failure analysis (destructive or non-destructive and what are the pro/cons) I could conduct on the component level (of an IC) to determine failure mode/root cause? We are measuring internal shorts between leads on a SOIC after sold

Solder pot testing

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 23 11:23:46 EDT 2008 | muarty

Our solder bar supplier provides this service free of charge. I also use an independant lab in the UK for testing too. Well solder suppliers are hardly going to tell you that you have an issue with solder they supplied are they..........?

Find PCBA failure analysing service in Asia

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 25 23:09:23 EDT 2018 | franknguyen

Hi, We are PCBA production company which factory's located in Vietnam. Somtime, we have to analyse failure of product to find out the root cause (ex: Micro-crack of solder joint under BGA IC...). We are searching labs around Asia (Vietnam, Malaysia,

Simulation of Placement Cpk on Paste

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 07 20:46:00 EST 2002 | davef

Most of the printer and dispenser equipment companies job-out this glass plate analysis for the factory, pre-shipment verification of the capability of their equipment. Check with your equipment supplier, find-out the company they use [If they do it

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