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class 3 labor rate

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 20 10:31:41 EDT 2003 | billdampier

We have some new customers that are requiring class 3 IPC standards, and my question is, how would that translate into a labor rate increase as compared to class 2 rates? I'm assuming the labor quote would increase by at least 15-20%, if not more. An

Tracking labor at selective solder

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 21 12:46:19 EST 2017 | slthomas

Are the jobs so small and the setup time so high that it precludes running them on two or three machines?

Tracking labor at selective solder

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 22 07:30:30 EST 2017 | stephendo

For me it looks like a sales issue. Having more operators would probably not help them meet their metric. If you cannot meet or defeat a metric, switch metrics. (said tongue in cheek)

Tracking labor at selective solder

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 27 09:05:35 EST 2017 | charliedci

All the response is appreciated. We have 4 SS machines and 2 operators (normally). Some jobs take up to 15 minutes (multiple boards), some take less than 2 minutes (machine time). Some involve fixtures, preheat, some may require the operator to mon

Tracking labor at selective solder

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 21 15:35:21 EST 2017 | emeto

For me it looks like a scheduling issue. You can do time studies on your assemblies and predict the best workload, based on scheduling the jobs in the right sequence. Also it sounds like you have only one operator. Train more people to operate will h

Tracking labor at selective solder

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 19 16:30:23 EST 2017 | charliedci

We have several selective soldering machines, that because of several minutes of process time per PCB, one operator can keep 2 or sometimes 3 machines loaded and running. Other days only 1 machine is running but operator does not have enough time to

Tracking labor at selective solder

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 21 15:13:16 EST 2017 | georgetruitt

Is the process the same for every product running through the selective solder machine? Load program, acquire or set up fixture, Change/load flux?, Change/Load solder pot? Are the machines cold when the operators need to use them or are the machin


Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 17 10:40:11 EST 2000 | Dave F

Cost = Labor + Production Materials + Overhead Cost = Labor * Overhead Multiplier Cost = (Time For Task*Labor Rate*Benefits) * Overhead Multiplier Cost = ((6sec/3600sec/hr)*$10/hr*1.3) * 2 Cost = $0.04

Process Costing

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 23 11:36:18 EST 2009 | smt_guy

Hi Guys, What about Tear Down process? example is upon job accomplishment in my P&P machines my operators have to unload all those feeders...are they still part of Direct Labor Costing or Indirect Labor Costing. Our process is that Tear Down is an

Scrap criteria

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 20 15:47:13 EDT 2005 | fastek

Wow! How would it be possible to spend $700-$800 in labor to repair a single board? What are labor burdens these days? $30-$40 per hour at most?

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