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Re: copper land delamination

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 15 21:35:50 EST 1999 | Dave F

Bob Bob: Fortunately, you found this before you built-up a lot of product. Some thoughs and other drivel: 1 Use IPC-TM-650, Method 2.4.8 for copper peel with a Instron machine. Typical pad peel strength requirement for FR-4, 2 oz. copper is: 6 l

Solder joint strength

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 29 14:45:12 EST 2005 | davef

IPC-TM-650 TEST METHODS MANUAL Number Subject: Bond Strength, Surface Mount Lands Perpendicular Pull Method 1 Scope This test method is used to determine the bond strength (breakaway strength) of surface mount lands from substrate materials

How to test & measure capacitors/resistors shear force strength

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 30 13:06:50 EST 2001 | aortiz

Hi, I need support on the method or applicable standard to measure the shear force strength on chip capacitors and resistors. I know the soldered joints strength is related to land desing, solder volume, pcb and component solderability, component

Solder Joint Strength

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 24 18:00:23 EDT 2001 | Marshall

Hi, I understand that solder joint shape and strentgth is dictated by land dimension / geometries. i have a pcb with 4-5 different land dimensions. My queries are: a) since all of them were tested, what will be the effect if I leave it that way whi

1206 Cap on 0805 Pad/Land

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 24 01:14:28 EST 2002 | GregH

What will be the effect on the above with regards, to solderability, solder joint strength, electrical characteristics etc. thanks and best regards in advance.

Solder Joint Strength

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 28 16:41:42 EDT 2001 | davef

Very few concern themselves about the strength of solder connections, because it doesn�t require much strength to keep a solder connection attached to the board. More important are factors that arise as a result of the different materials properties

Solder Joint Strength on Fine Pitch

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 15 21:56:53 EDT 2001 | hardy boy

Our R&D Guys used to push the lead of a fine pitch component using a Pick or a thin metal tip and if the lead snapped off from the land it's considered failed. Is that the proper way of identifying the solder joint strength? We got problems with sold

Overprint, solder flow back

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 06 07:24:22 EST 2006 | davef

Successful solder paste overprint is a function of the solder paste rheology, solder mask and through hole component stand off. * Solder mask with a high surface energy will permit a larger overprint than a solder mask with a lower surface energy. In

SM Headers & Connectors

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 07 15:05:58 EDT 1998 | Bob Barr

Is it just me, or does anybody else have problems with open connections on small surface mount headers and connectors? I am talking about small 20 to 40 pin devices, 25 to 50 mil pitch. We put these things on the board, the feet look like they are

Chip Component Stacking

Electronics Forum | Tue May 09 16:11:22 EDT 2017 | mrk

I did look into the possibility of placing the two components side by side, but the land width on the bare board is to small to lend a sufficient solder joint for both parts. Currently I am looking at a flux coated solder preform that could be place

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