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MY9 Hydra errors

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 24 16:10:09 EDT 2020 | landrysmt

Hello, Finaly, What was the problem on your Hydra head? Maybe my message comes too late, but my answer might help ... It could be linked to a problem with the Hydra Z motor / encoder. In certain circumstances, the Hydra Z axis is not in the correct

MY9 Hydra errors (solved)

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 12 01:20:42 EDT 2020 | azdback

LandrySMT, after monitoring the errors and considering what we replaced, I also decided to replace the Z hydra motor and encoder. That fixed our problem. I looked at your message and I agreed that the next step was to replace this part. We ran hi

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Electronics Forum | Thu May 09 17:07:56 EDT 2002 | davef

Troubles, troubles, troubles. If it weren�t for bad luck, I wouldn't no luck at all, eh? Tough business. Comments on your trouble are: * On machine vision errors from less than ideal capacitors: This is life. Reprogram your machine to either wid

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