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Flux Designations and Composition

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 12 11:35:27 EDT 2004 | Pierre RICHARD

Here are some answers to my questions after a good research. I also added more definitions that could help understand this esoteric language used in assembly, specially surrounding fluxes and their use. In blue italics are comments and extracts from

Placement Equipment and Long Boards

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 13 10:57:50 EDT 2007 | bigguy

hi we have an Essemtec FLX 2010 L that has a large board capacity of 600x700mm(23.6x27.5")

Printer and Reflow Oven Recommendations

Electronics Forum | Wed May 13 13:22:39 EDT 2015 | cohlmann

Hello Everyone. We are setting up our first SMT line and are looking for recommendations on printers and reflow ovens. Currently most of our manufacturing is outsourced and we want the ability to manufacture all of our products in-house. One impor

Printer and Reflow Oven Recommendations

Electronics Forum | Thu May 21 08:29:05 EDT 2015 | cyber_wolf

DeanM, How do you verify you have great results with the AutoSet feature if you do not check your profiles ? How does the AutoSet take into account large ground planes on certain areas of the board ? just curious

tape splicing pros and cons

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 23 08:16:57 EDT 2005 | gregp

Base, You are absolutely correct. This is what I intend to do. In fact, our feeders at one time had reel hangers that would allow for reel removal and thus splicing. Sometimes it is frustrating when people are set in their ways and won't consider

Stencil and board Ultrasonic cleaner

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 01 12:20:16 EST 2006 | cvoyles

Hi Bruno, I am an equipment reseller in business since 1994. I have a Smart Sonic MG3000 ultra sonic stencil cleaner in inventory. It is a stainless steel model with Delta Sonics brand ultra sonic generator. It is the guillotine type that raises a

Re: Buying stenciling and pick and place equipement.

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 19 17:45:35 EST 1999 | Bill Petlock

Clarissa, Buying used equipment should not be risky if you do your homework. As M COX said, you should find out if the manufacturer still supports the machinery but don't take everything they tell you as gospel. Remember, they want to sell you a new

Printer and Reflow Oven Recommendations

Electronics Forum | Fri May 22 12:42:43 EDT 2015 | deanm

Sr. Tech, you are right in that there is no verification of the profile. We are a Class 3 high mix OEM. We have visual inspection after SMT. We have not seen problems with wetting, grainy solder, cold solder, charred boards, etc. that would indicate

Re: Adhesive Dispenser Vs. Screen Printing Adhesives Pros and Cons

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 03 20:35:23 EDT 2000 | Dave F

1. Throughput * Dispenser: Slower, may loose 70% of tact on fast chip shooters * Printer: Can be put in front of and use fast chip shooters effectively 2. Rework Rate ???? Deposition control???? * Dispenser - High control over amount paste - Coplan

Multitroniks, Quad System and Tyco Info

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 01 09:36:17 EDT 2001 | Pete Barton

Jay, > > I agree with your assement and Chips on > the Quads. I once worked at a shop that had Quads > and DynaPerts(at the time) The perts were > slower(TIME) and required(EFFORT/PEOPLE) more > MAINTENANCE(more effort more people and more > re

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