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laser marking boards

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 28 09:11:19 EDT 2012 | davef

I though this was a good article on picking a part numbering scheme and since you weren't getting any takes figured I throw this out there and maybe get a conversation going. Part number system: How to get started Filed under: Item and File Man

Microflame vs laser soldering

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 09 10:40:10 EST 2005 | patrickbruneel

Jim, I don't have direct experience with the methods you mentioned but we have used induction heating in the past and is a very effective way to heat up metals quick. This method is also very easy to automate. I did a quick search as example http://

Equipment for laser cut stencil production

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 12 17:19:34 EDT 2002 | davef

Some suppliers of stencil cutting machines are: * Lumonics, 130 Lombard St, Oxnard, CA 93030 805.485.5559 fax3335 http://www.lumonics.com * Directed Light 633 River Oaks Pkwy San Jose, CA 95134 800-468-2326 408-321-8500 fax 8466 http://www.directed

PCB Laser Marking

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 01 09:49:25 EST 2019 | scotceltic

Do you know what their support structure is in China ? Specifically Shanghai area ?

looking for laboratory that can analyze Laser diode internal damage

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 18 23:22:39 EDT 2018 | itzikbs

Hi SMTNET dear members, I wounder if someone knows a laboratory with FIB and TEM machines, which can analyze internal defect of small size laser diode. At US or EU. I'm looking for a laboratory with real experience who are experts in analyze to root

SMT Shields technology

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 24 08:42:44 EDT 1999 | Chaim Krief

I am looking for information about SMT shields thcnology. Thats include Diecasting, Laser Cutting, Photo- Etching, Mechanical Enclosures & Stamping. Shilds types : Mechanical Structure,Pick up options,plating etc.

PCBA Id using Laser marking

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 04 10:24:50 EST 2015 | grenier

I'm looking for laser marking equipment for direct serial number Id on PCBAs. Is it recommended to laser mark on solder mask or copper or raw material?

Mechanical Router vs Laser Depaneling

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 06 10:28:14 EST 2018 | capse

First, I'm the ASYS Rep in the southeastern USA states. Laser is not a direct swap for a bit router. It is application driven. CO2 laser is the least expensive and faster than a bit router for a thinner (

From an environmental issue to an organizational issue

Electronics Forum | Thu May 19 13:50:18 EDT 2005 | patrickbruneel

Hi y'all Here's an article on how well planned and structured the RoHS and WEEE directives are http://www.greensupplyline.com/160401298 Comments would be very welcome Pat

Mydata vs Siplace

Electronics Forum | Fri May 03 00:36:36 EDT 2002 | caldon

Not many tech stocks not plunging. Pete is correct.......You application should determine the machine not the machine determine the application. That is why there are machines from $15K(US) to +$400K. Mechanical, Laser, vision.......servo, linear...

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