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Hasl thickness trends

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 17 10:49:48 EDT 2003 | davef

We agree. Colin Lea showed that HASL less than 2 microns [80 uin] thick has limited shelf life and that shelf life gets worse as the HASL gets thinner. Unless you do not need shelf life, consider sticking with 100 to 500 uin. There is nothing wrong

First documented case of tin whisker formation

Electronics Forum | Fri May 12 03:33:10 EDT 2006 | slaine

Interesting document. They are using a very high tin content alloy 99.5%SN, and suggest they can cange to a 90/10 PbSn alloy that will still mean they meet the RoHS Directive as alloys over 85% lead are exempt within RoHS. so if they used this they c

UBLOX Tim-4A reflow problem

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 11 08:46:26 EST 2006 | aj

Hi, We use UBLOX-LEA-LA. Is this the same component as you are using? We followed the recommended stencil design with a 6thou stencil and we have had no issues. We have run approx: 3k units so far. We had some minor issues at the start but this w

soldering books

Electronics Forum | Fri May 05 18:51:59 EDT 2000 | Steve Thomas

Looking for the best choice in books on soldering processes, primarily reflow but wave is going to be with us for a while so..... If you had to buy one today, which would you start with? Here's the list I gleened from the archives: Coombs, CF, "Pr

Re: 5 micrograms

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 15 13:26:05 EDT 1998 | Bob Willis

| Electrical Eng. is looking for 5 micrograms per sq centimeter. After the board has been cleaned. Is this possible on a fully assembled bd? The European standard often quoted is 1.5 mg/cm which ia achievable on a board assembly please remember one


Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 09 05:45:42 EDT 2009 | ghcarnu

Am comandat niste duze speciale pentru manipularea unor conectori miniatura; cel care s-a angajat sa le faca le-a testat pe un banc, nu pe masina, utilizand o sursa de vacuum care genera 26 inch de vacuum; voiam sa stiu daca Emerald genereaza cam tot

Mixing conformal coating and RTV

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 22 10:12:14 EDT 2005 | davef

Common RTV does out-gas causing corrosion. NASA allows use of non/low-out-gassing RTV. Try the following companies: * Ablestik Electronic: Materials, 20021 Susana Road, Rancho Dominguez, California 90221 U.S.A., 310-764.4600, F 310-764-2545 * Arlon

Re: soldering books

Electronics Forum | Sat May 06 08:42:18 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Hi Steve: Easy question, Klein Wassink is THE BOOK. It is head and shoulders above the others. Coombs: Very good book, focused primarily on board fab with some discussion on assembly. Lea: A dated, once very good book. Rahn: Average book. Actu

Re: Help I need DATA on Thermal shock caused by REWORK!

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 01 16:17:10 EDT 1999 | Dave F

| I am currently in the middle of a company wide war and I'm looking for data (AMMO). Here are the problems: | | 1) I am looking for anyone who has done or seen any reports on Thermal Shock to smt parts and/or via holes caused by Soldering Irons at

Re: PWB plating

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 03 22:47:48 EST 1999 | Chris G.

| Hi! | | Does anyone know any roadmaps for board plating materials. Especially I'm interested in finishes, which are plated onto copper. | | Teemu M�kiniemi | Teemu, For some time now, as I am sure you are aware, the PCB industry has been tryi

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