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Ideal lenght for Selective solder

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 19 10:25:19 EDT 2013 | jaimebc

Using ERSA Ecoselect. I am curiuos to hear from other selective solder users as to what is the ideal lead lenght for your application on thru hole components. Shorter leads have helped us decrease solder bridges. We find ours to be from .75 mm to 1

Ideal lenght for Selective solder

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 20 08:29:57 EDT 2013 | proceng1

When bridging becomes an issue, I like short leads. Lead Free is where I see most bridging occur. Usually when lead length starts to approach lead spacing. As long as the lead is discernible in the joint, it's acceptable. If you are having troubl

Lead shift

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 15 02:45:15 EST 2010 | 89jeong

Hello. We encountered a SMD problem on PCB. It is that the lead of photocoupler is shifted after reflow and don't meet the minimum requirement of side joint length. I know this is a defect but what i want to hear the reason and the solution to prev

Securing components for wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 15 07:08:29 EDT 2004 | pcbrown

Basically, it's a tilting problem of certain devices. Usually with axial by-pass caps tilting, which pulls the lead up through it's mounting hole. Other problems with components with leads cut to lenght to eliminate post-wave trimming. All suggestion

Selective soldering

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 29 09:31:29 EDT 2005 | lupo

Hello, I am not familiar with Inertec but have some expirience with selective soldering process, My oppinion is that the wave and slective soldering are not the same game. In Selctive soldering process is very important the layout design. If use th

reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Mon May 24 15:50:11 EDT 2004 | Rob

hi all What do you think about soldering pb-free in reflow oven (air) lenght 1,7m (5 zones top,bottom) with max zone temp. 300C? Do you think that this process will be stable? Our max PCb dimension 260x260 mm. When i compare different oven producer t

Reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 24 04:23:56 EDT 2006 | TA

Hello guys, I am Looking for a oven with the following specifications. Can any one suggest me the best suitable model. Thanks ========================================================== - heating length 2500mm - zone top/bottom 7 - forced convection

8 Zone Vs 7 Zone Reflow Oven

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 27 11:38:44 EDT 2004 | marc

This has always been a big debate on what is better. Few things to consider before getting into number of zones. What is the throughput and cooling requirements? Throughput is a direct relation to length of heating zone. Longer heating length


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