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Industry Standard Acceptable SMT Component loss?

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 18 10:40:15 EDT 2006 | SWAG

Depending on what kinds of machines you run and feeder style, self adhering leaders work well to minimize the need for a long leader. We use them on every reel. We can generally load most feeders with only waste of about 4 parts by use of leaders (

Leader Tape for SMT components

Electronics Forum | Thu May 28 16:04:32 EDT 1998 | Igmar Grewar

Is there someone who can tell me where I can buy rolls of leader tape for SMT component tapes. Is there a good way of bonding leader tapes, maybe a special instrument to do the job. Thanks for any help.

SMT Leader Tape

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 20 11:26:49 EDT 2003 | james

www.fritschusa.com has leaders and splicers. That is about the only one I know of. If anyone knows of someone else, Let me know.....

SMT Leader Tape

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 22 13:30:06 EDT 2003 | caldon

We use a Hoover Davis Tape and Splicer. We buy rolls of blank cover tape and cut leaders as long as we need them. www.hooverdavis.com

Leader tape on partial reels

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 30 12:51:23 EST 2006 | russ

They work okay, better than no leader tape. Of course to attach you may throw a couple of parts away as well. What you really need to do is discontinue buying strips.

Leader tape on partial reels

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 30 13:23:16 EST 2006 | russ

I agree with greg, after a teardown there should be leader tape left for the next load. Are your operators tearing it off at the end of the carrier tape?

Leader tape on partial reels

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 05 14:49:51 EDT 2006 | Cristina

The leader tape from Sierra works good for us. But if you have to work only with small strips and you can't affort to lose any parts think of moving them into waffle packs. It depends though if your machine has a tray for that. Regards, Cristina

Leader tape on partial reels

Electronics Forum | Tue May 09 18:41:54 EDT 2006 | SMT_CNC

It is a very simple practice to leave a leader when breaking down a setup. This way the next time you're going to use the reel there is about a foot of cover tape to use. Seems to work in our SMT production area. Max.

Leader tape on partial reels

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 30 12:48:54 EST 2006 | krc

Pardon my ignorance on this subject but I gotta ask... When the SMT guys load partial reels, I'm told that they have to waste a few components in the process. It seemed obvious to me that there should be a kind of tape that can be added to the end

Solder Saver ??

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 25 17:07:09 EDT 2006 | slthomas

"Why dont you guy look at the world leader in solder recovery" Why don't "you guy" try some punctuation? Why don't you provide some data to support your claims of "world leader" in a technical forum? You could be the world leader in bull$h!t and I

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