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Leader tape on partial reels

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 30 12:48:54 EST 2006 | krc

Pardon my ignorance on this subject but I gotta ask... When the SMT guys load partial reels, I'm told that they have to waste a few components in the process. It seemed obvious to me that there should be a kind of tape that can be added to the end

Leader tape on partial reels

Electronics Forum | Tue May 09 10:53:36 EDT 2006 | Tapesplice.com

Sierra Electronics can provide leader tape samples to any one that want to test. We can provide enough for testing at NO cost. We also have a Tape Splicer loan program that allows you to test ALL our Tape Splicing Products and lets you make the dec

Leader tape on partial reels

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 19 06:56:54 EDT 2006 | QTEK Manufacturing Ltd. www.qtek.com

QTEK Manufacturing Ltd. provide a solution to the above problem, QTEK Cover Tape Extender adds an extra 380mm to cover the tape of component reels. It saves components being wasted or discard when strating a new tape through a feeder, and enables the

Leader tape on partial reels

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 30 13:53:53 EST 2006 | PWH

We've had poor luck with leaders - inefficient, not cost effective for the price of the parts usually. In my opinion, your best bet is to over-issue parts to a scrap # that works for you (all feeders are different as are machine scrap rates). This

tape splicing pros and cons

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 21 10:40:18 EDT 2005 | PWH

Splicing for us has been a rough go as we haven't really found a tool that works well/fast. We have a few different machines = different feeders. They all react different to a splicing "style". The best so far is a crimp tool that crimps a brass s

Reel tape

Electronics Forum | Thu May 04 12:02:37 EDT 2017 | tombstonesmt

Splice in carrier tape left over or purchase leaders from suppliers like Sierra. http://tapesplice.com/product-category/flat-punched-carrier-tape/

tape and reel machine

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 10 12:22:08 EDT 2001 | Kevin

Cal, There are several suppliers of cover tape materials that do not require heat to activate the adhesive. 3M and Advantek are likely the leaders. There are relatively few T&R machines that can handle both heat and non-heat applications - as Chri

SMT Feeder Leader Tape / Extenders

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 10 10:06:05 EDT 2007 | aj

Hi Rob, Did you trial both suppliers or was it easier for you to go with sierra ? aj...

Component Reel leads

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 01 16:51:52 EDT 2021 | rgduval


Leader tape on partial reels

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 30 13:23:16 EST 2006 | russ

I agree with greg, after a teardown there should be leader tape left for the next load. Are your operators tearing it off at the end of the carrier tape?

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