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Trimming leads

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 04 11:55:08 EST 2000 | Casimir Budzinski

I am looking for a faster way to trim component leads after wave solder. We now cut by hand, we have a Q-cuter but stoped using it the blades dulled quickly and left flags. we just got a cut and clinch locator and hope this will solve some of are pro

pb free component leads

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 16 17:28:14 EST 2005 | davef

Greg: As we understand it, in your situation: * One 0805 lead solders to board properly * Another 0805 lead does not solder On the 0805 lead does not solder, there does the solder go? * On the pad * On the component lead A common solderability test

Connector with unique leads

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 28 13:51:56 EST 2021 | bengill

We have a unique connector with flat leads, i.e. the leads leave the connector body flat parallel to the pads. The leads are without a heel, they are flush with the connector body. Moreover, one can't solder beneath the connector because the leads ar

Bent leads on QFP's

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 29 10:04:27 EDT 2001 | edmentzer

Does anyone know of a company who can repair and straighten the leads on QFP's? We have quite a few parts that were received with bent leads.

QFP bent leads

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 04 13:28:53 EST 2017 | ttheis

Could also be the leads catching on the feeder or tray during pick-up. I just had a feeder catching the edge of a lead as the part was picked causing the part to shift and be rejected at severe rates.

QFP bent leads

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 18 11:59:34 EDT 2017 | jchris

There are a few companies out there that manufacture lead forming/re-forming equipment. The equipment can effectively straighten the most bent-up leads. Fancort Industries is one of them, another is Hepco.

Re: Trimming leads

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 05 14:51:08 EST 2000 | Bill Petlock

Casimir, The Q and other lead trimmers work extremely well if properly used. Blade life is directly proportional to to the height of the cut. There are a few factors that are very important in trimming. You are working with a solid carbide blade whi

QFP w/ oxidized leads

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 19 07:48:26 EST 2002 | PeteC

Have QFP at o.5mm pitch with leads too oxidized for the flux in the paste to de-oxidize(in stock for boo koo time). I saw three companies on the Internet that can "tin" (solder coat) the leads. Does anybody have any experience with having this done t

Component Reel leads

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 01 13:21:54 EDT 2021 | tanderson

I'm trying to find clear tape (8mm, 12mm, 16mm widths) and clear plastic leads to use with opened reels of components. A former supervisor provided some but I don't know where he got them from. Any suggestions on a source for these? I attached a pic

Re: Trimming leads

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 06 07:49:16 EST 2000 | Dave F

Casimir: A comment and a couple questions: * Have you considered a machine that forms component leads to "self-clinch?" With this forming components snap into hole in the boards with the proper finished lead length and requires not trimming after

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