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Six Sigma Training

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 02 12:47:15 EDT 2012 | deanm

Even though I cannot answer your question about a good Six Sigma training course, our company has had training in lean which I felt was helpful. You stated that one of your goals was to reduce cost/waste. That goal seems to lend better to a lean ma

Ceramic BGA Balls Move Post Assy

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 25 23:01:45 EDT 2012 | ssridhar

Hello jdumont, I think the spheres are leaning as there is not enough meat under the spheres. In ceramic BGA devices there is a solder fillet which is generally a solder paste which is used to give the device some height before balling it. This heig

In-Circuit Automation

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 02 12:43:01 EST 1999 | Rich Cary

My company produces a mixed technology control unit for automotive applications. We recently purchased an automated handler for our GENRAD in-circuit testing equipment and have encountered a challenge. We have several through hole components that,

Production Management for micro small firms

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 02 05:26:54 EST 2015 | udokorsmit

If you are interested in LEAN type of software where you have realtime view on your bottlenecks so that your operators are actually focussed on more performance, than our LineSight system will provide this info (and more). This is a completely new sy

3D Vision vs 2D vision

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 16 22:17:56 EDT 2001 | davef

So if we were disenchanted with the names you mentioned, what lean, mean, and hungry Japanese companies should we consider?

CIMBridge versus Unicam

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 03 12:33:19 EDT 1998 | Dew Lolly

I and I imagine most of you, are embroiled in the turf war going on between CIMBridge and Unicam. Since Fuji is squarely in the center of this issue I would imagine that many of you are wondering which way to lean. I'm wondering if we are not going

Contact System CS-400 E advise

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 17 10:43:12 EST 2003 | paul_bmc

Do you have any other suggestions for Semi Auto Cut and Clinch machines. Because of Contact Systems reputation I was leaning towards them, but I had no idea they we having problems.

IP3 Feeder for large cap.

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 24 21:11:05 EST 2004 | longpham246

Contact Lean Stream in San Jose California, ask for Bob Jones at 408-605-0141 for best solution. He has new feeder at extremely low cost that work out best for me. Long Pham

Do we have to go lead free???

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 01 14:33:23 EST 2005 | George

I have been told that If you are not going to do business outside the USA then you don't have to worry about going Lead Free.. Is that correct? Also it seems everyone is leaning towards SAC305. What about SN95/AG4 instead???

Reflowing <.032

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 17 15:00:25 EST 2005 | austinj

I am working on fixturing to keep the pcb/panel from "floating" in the oven. The problem is cold solder/non-wetting on all components. My thoughts lean towards the thin pcb not retaining the "preheat temps" for proper soak/reflow. Any thoughts about

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