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smd led storage

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 23 03:42:51 EDT 2010 | grahamcooper22

Hi, It is very important to follow IPC JEDEC 33 specification for storage and handing of all MSDs. In many instances defects caused by excess moisture in packages is not immediately evident (pcbs may pass final test) but when pcb has been in the fiel

difference between led and neon bulbs

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 22 09:09:31 EDT 2015 | tvliquidator

what is the technical difference between led and neon bulbs

difference between led and neon bulbs

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 28 12:11:10 EDT 2015 | davef

LED: [Light-emitting diode] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light-emitting_diode Neon lamp: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neon_lamp

static issue on 0603 led tape and reel

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 13 08:37:49 EDT 2010 | denisp

we have a static problem with 0603 led when removing the plastic retainer from the tape and reel. same problem with the feeder causing reject and bad placement. is there someone having the same problem? and how to fix it. thank you

Td and Tg

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 27 13:08:30 EDT 2008 | vladig

Td - is the degradation temperature for a laminate (board), while Tg - is glass transition one. There is one more (even more important) - delta Tg. They characterize the quality of the laminate material. Regards, Vlad www.sentec.ca

tape and reel vendor

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 26 12:06:59 EST 2004 | jimih280

I need a tape and reel vendor for 5mm through hole LEDs. Any recommendations and what do they charge?

Headers and SMT

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 29 11:49:02 EDT 2015 | spoiltforchoice

Typically - hand soldering as you are currently doing. Should your volume justify it you can invest in a selective soldering solution, these might take the form of a robotic arm that essentially replicates manual soldering or a solder jet similar to

help with LEDs and reflow

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 10 11:23:11 EDT 1999 | danielm

We currently have 32 LEDs per board and are looking to change the LED from a gull wing package to another package. (possibly a chip type package). I have heard that some cases and LEDs do not like reflow. This part is not cost effective to have to pu

Desiccants and pcb finish degradation?

Electronics Forum | Tue May 15 15:15:53 EDT 2001 | ohboy

Hi all, I just discovered this forum and I'm very impressed. We have a vendor who recently stopped placing desiccants in the vacuum packaging for our pcbs. (Yes, it's on the dwg!) His reasoning was that the desiccants can degrade the finish on the

Desiccants and pcb finish degradation?

Electronics Forum | Wed May 16 08:48:12 EDT 2001 | ohboy

I been a bunch o' places...! Some good, some bad, re-inventing the wheel in many cases. Our specs are pretty specific in a lot of cases, but that doesn't mean they always get followed. It usually becomes a case of "It's not quite right, but we rea

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