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How to reduce solder joint voids of LED without using vacuum reflow?

Electronics Forum | Tue May 28 18:31:08 EDT 2019 | jlawson

Solder paste flux is main contributor, Lead termination chemical-oxide by products and PCB Plating-Chemicals. Reflow profile would have very limited if not no impact really unless is way off. Paste volume control and Stencil design plays a big part

A bit off-topic - pin cutting

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 04 16:55:47 EST 2010 | dyoungquist

We use a HEPCO model 3000-2 (hepcoblue.com) to shorten leads on various through hole components before we solder them on a pcb. You will have to verify they have a die that works with your particular LED module. If they do, this is what I would rec

Thinking of Led lamp and resistor

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 28 04:56:12 EDT 2016 | lilybell

I read a few posts here about resistor in led applications. The thing is, the resistor has clarified as this shows:was always use with a power source delivering a higher forward voltage than the led could tolerate(ex: a 9volt battery hook up to a 3w

How to cut LED panels to Strips and join them together to make 23 ft LED light strips

Electronics Forum | Thu May 01 23:32:46 EDT 2014 | asajedi

I have assembled panels of 24"X9.5" LED Panels (24 strips of 10mm). I need to cut them into strips and join them together then add double sided 3M tape and spool them. How is this best accomplished. Laser Cutting, Die Cutting, Roller Cutting


Electronics Forum | Sun May 23 15:03:06 EDT 2004 | crios

Our printers feedswith consist of 2 LEDs next to each other designed to illuminate in green, red, and amber simultanuosly per operation. The green and red in the LED create the amber (orange) color. Although, we are experiencing a high defect rate d

LED (Seven Segment) found with missing segment and dimmer

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 20 08:40:27 EDT 2011 | mosborne1

Umar - This is usually seen when the lead frame in the die attach is cut with a diamond saw instead of a lasar. We have seen this problem years ago from HP 7 segment displays. If you have Enviromental box (tenney box) you can temp cycle them from 0 d

What is the QFN or Device Voiding Levels Needed for Automotive Industry for Power Devices for Electric Vehicles?

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 16 03:45:51 EDT 2017 | rob

It's the same thermal issue whether it's a die or package. It's different if it is just a signal trace, but if it's a heatsink pad (LED, FET, Motor driver, PSU IC etc). I think the voiding issue boils down to what the part is actually doing. The or

Re: Soldering long lead thru hole parts

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 09 17:29:15 EST 1999 | Russ

Mike, It sounds like you have a serious problem, I don't know much about drag soldering or what your specific soldering problem is with your present supplier. I do know that with a conventional solder machine these leads won't even make it through

Re: Wave solder mystery

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 31 08:10:38 EDT 1999 | Brian Conner

| I am building a board with T1/34 LED's in a 10X10 array there are 12 arrays in a panel. The LED's are body to body in the array, .1 spaced. The LEDS have been autoinserted on a Universal RAD III, so they are cut and clinched. The trouble I am havin


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