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A bit off-topic - pin cutting

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 04 16:55:47 EST 2010 | dyoungquist

We use a HEPCO model 3000-2 (hepcoblue.com) to shorten leads on various through hole components before we solder them on a pcb. You will have to verify they have a die that works with your particular LED module. If they do, this is what I would rec

mirae 1010 chip shooter usage

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 05 00:54:50 EST 2013 | godfather

Suresh from India, we are in process of starting production of led display module and looking for mirae 1010 chip shooter used machine, i need know whether this machine is good for production, how to get training for this machine , please help me

Panasonic NPM-W Nozzle error

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 03 15:53:28 EST 2019 | cbeneat

We did figure out the issue. The plastic cover inside the LED lighting unit had a slight film covering it, which made the picture slightly hazy. We had to disassemble the LED module to get at it, cleaned it and it was fine. I didn't think this would

BTU -Paragon 150

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 12 09:13:45 EDT 2010 | toddl

Check your "over temperature module" for both top and bottom zones when the alarm is active, there is a bank of LED's on the bottom of this module. Monitor it to find out if the same zone keeps activating the alarm, if so check your TC for that zone.

A bit off-topic - pin cutting

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 04 15:40:31 EST 2010 | dilogic

We recently got a job where (after placing SMT parts) we have to solder LED dot-matrix 8x8 display modules manually on the pcb. Due to the PCB design, it has to be TH type (also, it's the only type available) and soldered manually (or using selective

Reflow soldering of lead-free components with leaded solder paste

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 23 10:10:32 EST 2024 | emanuel

Well, the story is a little more complicated. The product is also an LED lamp made on an aluminum PCB with the LEDs on one side and the drivers on the other. The board itself is not big, about 90x90mm and most of the components are soldering well. Us

MPM Accuflex Printer Electrical problem

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 03 21:33:41 EDT 2018 | aemery

Jeff R, The "24VS" stands for 24VDC Voltage Switched; meaning that it is supplied under machine control and other things have to happen in the machine before 24VS is applied, in this case to KP1 coil. KP1 coil/contact is in place as part of the pow

Fisnar I&J500 Selective soldering robot repair.

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 18 07:17:09 EDT 2010 | phomann

Hi, I have a Fisnar I&J500 Selective soldering robot that has failed. I think it is from around 2000. The Fisnar I&J500 base has a soldering attachment on it. As I understand it, the base controller sends it a 5 bit command to the soldering unit. T

Need a UV resistant black potting material

Electronics Forum | Thu May 27 22:29:14 EDT 1999 | Mike Flori

Does anyone have a suggestion for a UV resistant black potting material? The material recommended by a local vendor turned gray in a couple of months in the sun here in Florida. We are using L.E.D.'s in a small housing (about 1.2" cube) and need to s

DEK Gridlock reliability

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 04 14:03:13 EST 2020 | dekhead

As long as pressure is set properly (may require re-adjustment when adding / removing modules) then have not seen / heard of issues with damage to bottom side components. This assuming that rubber tips are in place and in good shape. I have a custome

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