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Lead Hardness specifications for leds at Radial UIC

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 16 11:50:54 EST 2010 | remullis

I am currently placing LED's with a RAD 5 machine and developed cutting problems with a specific LED. I am not having problems with other similiar LED's where only the color is different. After dispensing to the clip all is well. After going through

Lead Hardness specifications for leds at Radial UIC

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 18 07:42:11 EST 2010 | jdengler

Have you moved this LED to a different dispensing head? I have seen some dispensing heads that are out of adjustment cause the same problem. Jerry

Lead Hardness specifications for leds at Radial UIC

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 17 22:16:07 EST 2010 | davef

We're aware of no such specification.

SMT LED functional failure

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 16 08:43:00 EDT 2003 | davef

Given that the LED work properly after being touched-up and that you don't have problems with other components, you may not be wetting the LED termination solderability protection during your normal reflow. Use a profiler to check the temperature on

Laser soldering LED's

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 09 09:31:53 EST 2008 | flipit

I solder LEDs everyday from 0402 sizes on up. I work for an optical company so every product I make has LEDs. Some products have hundreds of LEDs per circuit. The problem is that clear materials are not filled materials and thus don't have the adv

Please help a newbie

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 18 19:16:56 EDT 2003 | GEJames

hello all - i am i need of a simple electronic counting device but i know little about electronics. would someone please describe to me the parts I'd need and the assembly process to create a computer that meets the following specs: 2 digital LED t

Stencil design for Right Angle LED

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 10 19:42:46 EDT 2005 | ktron

Thank D.B. Cooper, actually this LED has 3 sides termination but no termination at underneath of LED. So this LED tends to float rather than performing solder joint during reflow process.

smd led storage

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 18 11:07:45 EDT 2010 | mun4o

hi, lately I have problem with smd leds.After reflow 2-4% of leds are broken.I think , that reason is bad storage of components, because in our stock the tape with leds have not Moisture Barrier Bags.My question is ,how you storage components, which

SMD LEDs stick to nozzle while mounting

Electronics Forum | Sun May 20 00:11:45 EDT 2012 | kiss

We are mounting 3528 package LEds with pick & > place machine.The problem is , nozzle picks up > the LED , but it stick to the nozzle & not > placed. Then it gives error in the next cycle. > Can anybody suggest the solution? Please advise on mo

How are you reworking high mass LED pcb's?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 10 08:17:06 EDT 2017 | philc

Just a random thought, but we had an issue with having to replace faulty LED's on a PCB, and the solution turned out to be pre-baking the LED's prior to build. Just put them in an oven at 40C for 24 hours, then build. Result was zero defective LED's.

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