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Lead Free BGA's on non-RoHS Assembly

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 29 10:41:10 EST 2007 | davef

Many high rel assemblers reball their LF BGA with SnPb balls. In other less demanding environments, SnPb paste with LF BGA produces acceptable reliability.

LF BGA Tests

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 05 14:23:50 EDT 2005 | chunks

What kind of destructive testing is anyone doing for LF BGAs?

LF BGA Tests

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 05 15:31:44 EDT 2005 | chunks

Thanks Amol, You brought up some good ideas that we'll use. Has anyone ever heard of under filling the BGA (after reflow) with a material that cures, then thermal removing the BGA to check the acual size of the ball to pad?

11 BGA's 12-Layer nightmare

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 25 09:55:16 EDT 2010 | mikesewell

Have the huge LF BGA reballed to leaded and assemble it with your leaded process. Time savings from using the rework station should pay for the reball if you're doing more than just a few.


Electronics Forum | Thu May 25 09:00:27 EDT 2006 | CoCo

Check out this latest thread:http://www.smtnet.com/Forums/index.cfm?fuseaction=view_thread&CFApp=1&Thread_ID=10387&mc=5


Electronics Forum | Thu May 25 08:58:14 EDT 2006 | inds

aj, check out the link http://www.smtnet.com/forums/index.cfm?fuseaction=view_thread&CFapp=8&Thread_id=10387&mc=5 as Samir mentioned in that link, try keeping your peak temp within 220-225degC.. TAL 217 around 20-40 sec..depending on your ball d


Electronics Forum | Thu May 25 05:22:51 EDT 2006 | aj

Guys, We have an issue with a Board we are running at the moment. We have 3 BGAs on the board 1 Leadfree and 2 are not. We are running a Leaded Process and the LF part is not available Leaded. What do we do? I reckon that all we can do is try an

LF BGA Tests

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 05 15:03:40 EDT 2005 | Amol

depends on what you want evaluated! you can thermal cycle the BGAs and the examine the x-sections to determine failure modes at different stages of thermal cycles. you can do a stress test and corelate the # of thermal cycles with the microstructu


Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 09 07:10:36 EST 2005 | Mity-C

Good Morning, One problem of LF BGA's in a leaded process is the temps required to propperly collapse the BGA balls. If the BGA is LF, the alloy of the balls will not reflow until the temp reaches 217-245 C. SN 63/37 reflows at 183 C. If your profil

BGA ball vs land design problem??

Electronics Forum | Mon May 25 08:37:28 EDT 2009 | d0min0

Hello, recently we changed supplier of the LF BGA, we did corossection and now have doubts... previous BGA specs : pitch 1mm, ball diameter 0.6mm future BGA specs : pitch 1mm, ball diameter 0.4mm on the crossecrion we found that one of the ball seem

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