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0402 aperture design lf

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 24 02:56:12 EDT 2007 | chrispy1963

If the PCB you are using is a HASL pad finish and is a leaded assembly, we use homeplate pads with a 5 mil stencil. If the circuit has Enig finish and is PB-Free then we use 1:1 apertures with a 5 mil stencil Either method should provide no solde

Solderability Issues

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 02 08:54:15 EDT 2010 | vetteboy86

I believe it is LF HASL. I will need to double check.

Solderability Issues

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 03 17:13:41 EDT 2010 | bradlanger

Craig, If it is LF Hasl it sounds like it applied too thin exposing the intermetallic layer wich is not solderable. We call out a minimum thickness of 80 microinches and have good results. We have had shops in the past that did not control the Hasl

Solder wick on Ag/Pd termination

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 23 03:57:39 EDT 2007 | jkhiew

Thanks Dave. But I do not understand why the solder being wicking away by the component itself. Does Ag/Pd finishes has stronger wettability than LF HASL finishes ? Rgds

SN100C Selective Solder Voiding

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 10 12:29:59 EST 2008 | joeherz

Dave, You've got me worried - All of the boards we've tested to this point are LF HASL. Why do you say "can't be ENIG"? Am I missing something? We have not sectioned soldered boards as yet but plan to shortly. Thanks.

Solderability Issues

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 13 17:45:43 EDT 2010 | bradlanger

Boards with the LF hasl finish applied too thin will genrally pass the IPC test. That is some pretty agressive flux they call out. The boards usually wave solder just fine as well. Reflow is where the you see the problem.

HASL surface finish

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 12 21:36:04 EDT 2020 | SMTA-Josh

Has anyone had an issue with changing from a HASL surface finish to a LF HASL finish if it is still being used in a leaded process? Also we are having issues with the planarity on the fiducials with the HASL finish. Are there any suggestions or ch

SN100C Selective Solder Voiding

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 11 11:59:23 EST 2008 | joeherz

Update - We've tested a board previously having voiding issues with ENIG versions and the voiding has completely disappeared. No other variables were changed. Looks promising. I have an order of LF HASL boards arriving soon that we plan to split i

SN100C Selective Solder Voiding

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 13 19:51:07 EST 2009 | joeherz

Update Received cross-section analysis for ENIG plated boards and am happy to report that we have no voiding issues. Intermetalics look great and no copper dissolution. No process parameters were changed, only the PCB plating. For now, we are onl

Solder wick on Ag/Pd termination

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 22 05:04:08 EDT 2007 | jkhiew

Hi, Recently we have encountered solder wicking on components termination (total of 13 pcs of components on one pcb)with Ag/Pd finishes during lead-free reflow soldering. The pcb is LF HASL surface finish and LF solder paste composition is SAC305.We

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