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LGa soldering issues......

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 10 12:28:17 EDT 2009 | davef

We don't know dip about your Linear Tech LGA118, but we agree with published reports that say you should have between 4800 and 7000 thou^3 of paste on the pad for a LGA. These volumes were analyzed based on volumes found successful for CGA and then e

Voiding in LGA (LT) soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 02 07:50:27 EDT 2010 | sachu_70

Just to add to my comments,solder joint voids do occur in LGA. Voids in LGA can be larger due to geometry and greater ratio of flux to solder. IPC-A-610D specifies a greater than 25% voided area is a defect for BGA, however, it does not specify the d

LGA Rework

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 27 06:34:14 EDT 2010 | bwet

Recently we have been placing and reworking quite a few Linear LGA DC converter modules. These are LGA packages with integrated passive components which become easily disturbed in reflow. Even with perfect bumping techniques on the LGA using the poly

LGA Rework

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 27 13:08:14 EDT 2015 | ppcbs

We reflow solder balls to the LGA using a tacky paste flux. Then we install the LGA to the PCB using a tacky paste flux. This will result in zero voiding and is a preferred method of our Military and Space clients. Be sure to read your spec sheet

LGA and Solderballs

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 28 17:43:03 EST 2006 | IRAS

I'm looking to gain some knowledge on potential causes of solderballs on LGA's and advice on how to eliminate them. we all seeing some solderballs on only the edges of the LGA. Any inputs will be greatful.

QFN's and LGA's

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 03 16:10:54 EDT 2009 | mattkehoe

Here is a little different spin on re-working/hand placing LGA's.. http://www.sipad.com/download/LGA%20Rework%20Document.pdf

LGA Rework

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 19 11:31:14 EDT 2015 | duchoang

We remove the LGA, clean the pads, "re-ball" the LGA by solder-printing it, reflow and re-install it on board as BGA. That way, we don't need to apply solder paste on board. It works !!!

LGA component rework process on SRT machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 04 11:38:47 EDT 2021 | bangir

Hi All, Do you have any experience for LGA component rework on SRT equipment? Please share how to re-soldering the LGA component to PCB pads. Thanks

LGA voiding

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 02 22:09:15 EST 2020 | Zack

Hello, Can you give more detail on LGA parts in question? is 50 mm x 50 mm is overall size of the parts? What about pad pitch and how big is the pads individually? I assume that 50x50 mm is overall size. How about the stencil opening for the LGA pad

QFN Packages

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 02 05:01:41 EST 2005 | ABHI

Are your packages mounted on boar using sockets or BGA balls? LGA's are usually no issue and are simple compared to BGA. No issue on missing balls or ball drop issues. However, LGA's need quite a bit of mounting / holding pressures during test and mo

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