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SMT line

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 20 12:04:44 EST 1999 | DDC

Need to know from your experience a set of smt equipment for low volume manufacturing (approx. 800K parts/yr). Types to handle are standards i.e., 0404-7343, soic's, plcc's, pqfp, tsop, soj, BGA, chip res. smt conn. I would like to know a recommende

Adding new line

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 20 20:33:03 EDT 2013 | garym4569

Just my 2 cents. If you just added a line, then obviously your volumes were too much for one line. I would definitely consider purchasing enough feeders and reels to be able to run both lines at the same time. You would probably offset the extra i

production line installation/service help

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 27 09:09:03 EST 2019 | dontfeedphils

Sounds like it's time to learn how to setup an SMT line.

SMT line cable management

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 07 08:13:58 EST 2017 | fuji_user_2014

Looking for recommendations on drop ceiling busway/raceway to neaten our cabling. It is intended for a surface mount line with varying power requirements, data/com lines, and air drops.

New SMT line introduction

Electronics Forum | Tue May 16 07:57:05 EDT 2017 | emeto

If all the equipment is ordered, what SMT line introduction they asked you to do? Pick the equipment implements the whole design of the line, so basically your project is done.

Adding new line

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 07 10:03:19 EDT 2012 | anton99

Hello, I recently joined this site and this is my first post. After searching through the existing threads I decided to post my question. I work at a CCA manufacturing facility that recently added a SMT line. We used to have one line and now we are r

SMT line validation

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 22 08:01:42 EST 2006 | INGE

We have a new SMT line, our customers are asking us the validation of the process. Not only the validation of the resulting assembled board (solder joint...) but also a validation of every single machine in the line (ex. stencil printer...). For exam

High output line advice

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 19 12:07:22 EST 2007 | Mario

We would need to set up a line capable of placing ca. 70 million of components/year (preferably in one shift). It will be single product, so changeover is of no importance. Also, there's no need for extreme precision. I would prefer two separate line

New SMT line introduction

Electronics Forum | Wed May 17 11:32:23 EDT 2017 | emeto

Tsvetan, This is similar to give an accounting project on a process engineer. Installation and training are usually covered in the deal. Now Anthony is dealing with post factum issues inherited from the person who already did the new line introducti

production line installation/service help

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 20 09:16:55 EST 2019 | toneytang

hi, there I just brought a new production line from overseas to florida. But I need to find a local service company to help me to install the SMT production line and get them serviced. Can anyone help to guide me to find some professional company to

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