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MYDATA - how to forse parts on Hydra head

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 05 12:33:30 EST 2017 | rgduval

If you haven't resolved this yet, I think you're going to want to go to either the part or the package (I'm not sure which one off hand), and make sure that the hydra heads/tools are selected for placement. You'll also want the vision set to the lin

MY 19 Issues?

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 04 13:08:57 EST 2009 | pms

My9 = 9 magazine slots. My19 = 19 magazine slots. That being said. The number after th "MY" is the number of magazine slots. The "differances" will be in software version, upgades, like vision (linescan etc), hydra, tables, tools, tray exchangers,


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