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BTU link fail

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 28 00:11:44 EDT 2005 | ajaydoshi

We do have BTU 150 Paragon oven. Link fail problem occume most of the time during start of day or after Sunday. It never haven while running continiously, Any Suggestion. Ajay

BTU link fail

Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 18 20:42:37 EDT 2005 | Ken

Link Fail is the RS232 connection to the FCU. I would check the connector, cable that plugs into the computer. Verify all power supplies are working. The most likely scenario is this: Computer malfunction Cable / connector issue. Defecive FCU

BTU link fail

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 30 08:00:07 EDT 2005 | Nirmal

pls check at rear side is there any relay spark or else check the connection between the monitor and the control card

BTU link fail

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 20 03:22:39 EDT 2005 | ajay

thanks, it was 15v power supply that was giving problem. ajay

BTU link fail

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 19 04:27:47 EDT 2005 | dougs

Check your power supplies, we had same fail a while back on VIP98 faulty power supply was the cause

BTU link fail

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 16 06:34:07 EDT 2005 | ajay

We have link fail issue now & could not able to establish. Overall situstion is that oven can not work. we checked all relay 24vac, 24vdc, 110v, 120v, 240v. all looks ok. only issue we ovserve that from B250SSR pin no 3&4 we are unable to get 5VDC. T

BTU link fail

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 30 18:31:28 EDT 2005 | KEN

Make sure your RS232 is screwed in and not loose. Verify your PC is not hanging up and locking up the com port (windows can really suck some times). I would scan-disk and defrag. I bet its not a furnace problem, but a PC problem.

BTU link fail

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 16 16:22:51 EDT 2005 | JW

Sounds similar to a recent problem with our VIP70. We thought it may be the SSR, then the FCU ... Swapping blower unit with a second oven finally helped us traced the problem to the thermoswitch inside the blower assembly.

BTU VIP98 Oven refuses to start

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 25 12:17:57 EST 2006 | KEN

first, does the recipe have the heat and conveyor boxes checked? If no then it does nothing. second, have you pressed the round green switch? third, are there any alarms in the alarm box? Do you have a controller link fail? Verify the cable is p

Re: Posting a Paper on the SMTNet Library

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 28 12:57:24 EDT 2000 | Brian

Can you send me a link to the page where it shows you a link to your paper? I can't find a trace of it anywhere. What is the title of the paper? If all else fails email me and I'll take care of it.

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