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Tescon Flying Probe. Any support in the UK?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 24 06:59:43 EDT 2002 | lloyd

Teson themselves in England have closed as you have now found out. After alot of searching we found that one of their employees went to Capital Equipment. We've had no contact with them recently but you could try Tim Lloyd on tim@capitalequip.co.uk

tcm3000 miniature bearing servicing

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 05 11:31:40 EST 2003 | lloyd

The grease to use is DAPHNE EPONEX M No. 1 as you would expect it is made by an oriental company (IDEMITSU KOSAN). Sanyo recommend that this procedure should only be carried out by trained personnel, so it may be worth giving them a ring before you s


Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 20 10:31:50 EDT 2009 | lloyd

Seth, From the Siemens technical information document: Raceway monitoring detects incorrect positioning of the Z axis with respect to the raceway during motion of the star. This is done by monitoring the current drawn by the Z axis while the star i

Line tech in need of help

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 07 12:17:46 EST 2001 | lloyd

Formflex. Carefull now, If you already have components on the underside of your pcb, i.e Large radial components the scope of the formflex may not be large enough to cope. Check with DEk for the speck as I can't remember the limits off hand

Evaluating SMD Adhesives

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 27 11:01:05 EDT 2001 | lloyd

Hi, I'm currently looking into changing our current supplier of SMD adhesive. My problem is how to effectivly evaluate any new samples I recieve. I'ved looked through the IPC standards and understand the concepts in testing them, but in practical te

broken boards

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 24 07:18:12 EDT 2002 | lloyd

Hi, We occasionaly have problems with some of our panellised boards breaking away from each other. The section joining them is very small and makes the assembly weak. The boards are normally broken off during our through hole process (bad handling)

oven resin from adhesives

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 13 10:26:05 EDT 2002 | lloyd

I am currently running several SMT lines that are placing components onto dispensed adhesive (Heraeus PD 944). My problem is that we have always had an issue with a resin type liquid �condensing� on the inside of our oven chimney and then running bac

oven resin from adhesives

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 14 03:14:39 EDT 2002 | lloyd

Thanks for the replys'. So are you saying that SMD adhesive contains a flux agent?, because at this point in the process the boards have no solder on them at all, it's all done at a solder bath after the chips have been bonded.

oven resin from adhesives

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 14 10:28:06 EDT 2002 | lloyd

no, the oven is only used for curing adhesive and has never been used for reflow!!. I have always assumed that it has been the solvents in the glue that have evaporated off and then cooled again.

oven resin from adhesives

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 14 11:41:02 EDT 2002 | lloyd

uuumm, we have four lines in this particular part of the factory all used for curing glue only. our other reflow lines are in another section of the factory with seperate ducts. These lines are however next door to the solder baths.....I will have to

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