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locking belt on SPEA 4060

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 01 09:38:46 EDT 2023 | jbrochecouste

hello all, I need the reference or caracteristics of locking belt on SPEA 4060, thx

MPM SPM Question

Electronics Forum | Thu May 24 09:01:01 EDT 2018 | mattkehoe

OK, one more question about our MPM. When we flip the table lock switch it does not seem to lock very tight. XY adjustments can still be made even with the lock on? Suggestions??

mydata 19 error

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 20 13:16:15 EST 2014 | rgduval

Hi, Brendan, It sure sounds like it to me. But, with the Z axis, there could be one other thing to check. On my old TP, there were z-locks...two pistons that pointed sideways around the head travel. Initializing the z-motors did not move the z-

extra zeros very confusing....

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 22 20:32:12 EDT 2002 | davef

� * Press "Num Lock"; Hold down "Alt", while typing 0111 =>o * Press "Num Lock"; Hold down "Alt", while typing 079 =>O See they're all different sizes. Neat, eh? ;-P

Who is the Mydata TP series expert ?

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 04 06:51:08 EST 2008 | cyber_wolf

My TP-11 is not getting enough juice to the upper Z-lock to pull it out of the way. Its not the locks.. I put new ones in and I get the same thing. Its like I am not getting enough voltage from the XWB. Has anyone seen this before ?

How to place pin supports the same everytime a board is ran?

Electronics Forum | Fri May 25 14:59:45 EDT 2012 | kevslatvin

I too would go with something like the Grid-lock. We use Red-E-sets from production solutions. They are similar to the grid-locks but don't use air.

Dek Infinity- Automatic Screen Changer does not load the screen in the correct position.

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 20 10:02:54 EST 2013 | dekhead

R)... This will be primarily seen in the "Y" direction with minimal effect in "X". It is possible that one of the chase rails is not locked (spring-loaded lock on rear), and changing position during screen load. http://www.dekhead.com

Mydata TP9-UFP problem - Can't reach tool bank

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 23 11:18:23 EDT 2018 | tech1

It is probably one of the Z lock solenoids not working properly. These are located along the Z axis and as part of the initiation of the machine, the Z measure the travel. Check the upper and lower Z locks

DEK supports

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 10 18:12:49 EST 2004 | dorklover664

We are looking for a new way to support PCAs in the DEK. I am trying to push for getting grid-locks but have been told they cost to much. Right now we are trying out another support system (hell if I can remember what they are called) like the grid-l

DEK supports

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 11 11:22:29 EST 2004 | clampron

We are using the Red-E Sets on our DEK Infinities and they are working fairly well. There are some issues but the setup time beat the Form Flex and was more reliable than the Autoflex in our machines. We looked at Grid Lock. This seemed to solve all

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