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SMT adhesive suggestions?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 19 11:57:35 EDT 2007 | bk

Loctite 3609 is a pretty good smt adhesive. I'd actually recommend the Loctite 3621 instead though. It's a better adhesive on some of those pain parts plus it's actually less expensive than the 3609

SMT Adhesive

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 24 10:16:29 EDT 2008 | dwelch123

I use loctite 3616 chipbonder for stencil printing and have good results. If using with a shot meter Loctite 3621 has also produced good results.

Epoxied Parts Falling Off

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 19 17:27:14 EST 2003 | ryanm

I have a problem with 0805 caps and resistors randomly falling off in the wave solder machine. Currently I am placing single dots of epoxy under 0805's. The single dot is flattened down so I know that the part was placed. In the past when we double

Adhesive Dispensing using PDP head

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 15 22:27:40 EDT 2011 | pkamath2

Hello, My company recently installed a Positive Displacement Pump on a GSM Pick @ Place machine for dispensing chipbonder (loctite 3621) dots before mounting chip components. The head uses Universal stand nozzles (single port-small dot, dual port 0


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